I currently have 3 domain names for sale that may be of interest to real eastate agents or brokers in Idaho. The domains are as follows:twinfallsland.comnorthernidaholand.comnorthernidahohomes.comIf you are interested in purchasing any of these, please email me. I also have a few others that will...
 Right now, with all of the turmoil in big cities caused by protests and riots, some residents are looking to move out into the country. Add in the effects of Covid-19 with a huge drop in travel, and there is a perfect recipe for buying land.Read up on the stock prices of any company that makes t...
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Fully Established Idaho Biz
Fully Established Idaho Biz
Fully Established Idaho Biz
In the next few months, I will be developing a few more vacation fractionals in the Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, and Cocoa Beach areas.  All of these will be geared towards buyers who are looking to invest between $25,000 and $75,000 in a very nice vacation home, and in return get 6-12 weeks, that they ca...
        2 bedroom, 1 bath, less than one mile to ski slopes, for sale. This is a fractional deeded condo, weeks 8 and 51 that is in a very productive rental pool. It rents out for $300 per night and has some of the lowest HOA fees in the area. Typical net per year, after property manager commissi...
I have never participated in either Black Friday or CyberMonday, and the main reason is not some moral or ethical stand. No, it is actually much more trivial;  I am just not much of a shopper.  There it is, I said it.Did any of you participate? Did you find some great bargains? How were the crowd...
The wife of one of my old college buddies called me last summer to inform me that their oldest son, along with a few of his college friends were going to take the fall semester off, and travel around the U.S. and Canada. As she described the route, it sounded like they would hit Canada in the sum...


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