Remember that old song called "Who's Your Daddy?"Kind of in that same vein, who will buy your raw land? Especially the kind of land that you don't want anymore. That old inherited lot or the one you thought would make a great investment. Email Kevin today. I am the guy who will buy it. CASH!Locat...
I have cash waiting for your rural landI am an experienced real estate professional.I am not a licensed agent or broker.I can close in as little as 1 day if you are local to me,or 3 days if you are out of townAny condition or location will be consideredBack taxes OKEmail Kevin ASAP
At it again I am. Looking for a median to 10% over median SFH on the north shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Prefe at least 3 bedrooms, 4 would be better. One with a lake view, even a limited lake view would be best but I will look at anything you throw my way.   Thanks in advance.
I am looking for two types of property in the Sunriver/La Pine area of Oregon. 1.  Recreation type lot on which I could place a pre built cabin.       The cabin would be no more than 400 sq. ft. and would be fully self contained.        2.  Median or above median price and sq. ft. house which cou...
Experienced property buyer and contractor is looking for houses in the follwoing areas:   Lake Tahoe, Kona, Honolulu, and Sunriver. Prefer 3-2 SFH in above median neighborhoods. Cash, terms, trade, 1031 all OK.   Email Kevin if you have a property that you need to move.
Own a 1/4 (deeded) share of a Big Island Home. This one is very nice and comes fully furnished. Great views, great neighbors, great vacations spot. 12 weeks here and you will not want to go back home! Email Kevin ASAP for all of the details. Aloha.
As we all (OK all of us who must earn money in order to live) continue to watch what goes on in our country economically, there are a whole bunch of numbers that mean something. Most of them are called indicators of some good or bad that is about to happen. Others merely show us if we are making ...
Joe and Dianne have no clue. They honestly believe that if they take guns away from law abiding citizens, the whole world will be a better place to live. Can you say a bridge in Brooklyn?  Gotta love dreams. Drugs are illegal. Breaking into someone elses house is too. Rape and murder are as well....
A little letter written by an ex-Marine to one of ourso called leaders.  Here is the link:     Pretty well sums it up.   She and Biden can shove it.
     After taking last year off from developing fractional vacation villas, I am back at it again. This time with a new twist!      A guy can only do so many high end vacation type homes in one area. In 2012 all of the fractional homes that I am developing are geared to the middle to high middle ...


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