credit scores: Improve your Credit Score - 04/01/16 04:27 AM
In this day and age, credit scores are important, more than ever!
What's the fastest way to improve a credit score?
1. Keep your credit usuage LOWER than your actual credit limit. 
     What does that mean? If you have a charge card that has a $5,000 limit, try to keep your balance under $1,000, do not use the maximum of $5,000 or even go close to that. The reason this is so important, it shows a "sense of money management", able to control spending. 
2. Make payments on time.
    Just one late payment will lower your credit score and will likely remain … (1 comments)

credit scores: Rules of Credit Explained - 5 Critical Areas - 11/22/10 04:01 AM
There are 5 Main Areas that are critical in your credit make-up, & its effect on Credit Scores  - it is much more than paying your bills/debts on time. :
1. Paying accounts on time is IMPORTANT. (Equals to 35% of your credit scoring). If you make a payment by its due date, or within 29 days past the due date, it should not affect your credit score, in most cases. If your payment is received 1 day past its due date, you may have to pay a late fee, but it will not show up as a negative on your credit report, … (2 comments)

credit scores: Credit Scores - Does Age Have Anything to Do with It? - 11/21/10 01:25 PM
Credit Scores - mystify most of us, but does a person's age have anything to do with their credit score? Answer: No. Age does not have any bearing on influencing a person's credit score.
Credit Scores are based on how a person has "handled" their personal finances/credit. There are 25 year olds with credit scores of 800. There are 60 year olds with 580 credit scores. Age is not a factor.
Did you know that earlier credit scores were not a number, but was listed as excellent, good, fair or poor?
Credit Scores have nothing to do with race, color, religion, national … (6 comments)