new years eve 2010: The "Personalized" Guitar from Bret Michael - 01/12/11 04:00 PM
Since I posted the photo taken with Bret Michael earlier, here is a photo of one of the guitars that Bret signed & personalized for us. Again, Bret was ever so nice - didn't look tired at all after giving one "heck" of a performance earlier onstage at Universal Studio's City Walk New Year's Eve Party. The band was awesome - had the audience totally engaged. It brought my New Year in with total shock and excitement - to actually meet him in person backstage,  just outside his tour bus wanting to leave.


new years eve 2010: Wordless Wednesday - from my New Year's Eve Night in Orlando - 01/12/11 03:48 PM
Wordless Wednesday - photo taken New Year's Eve Night in Orlando, Universal Studio's City Walk Party, where Bret Michael performed. He is also well known as the Celebrity Apprentice in 2010. I call this "wordless" since I was totally speechless to be right there with this superstar, who remained after the concert to meet with my husband and I, around 1:30 am - since we purchased 2 of his guitars and a cymbal. He personalized all 3 of them, while standing outside his tour bus that was ready to leave. I really thought we would be rushed in and out, but … (10 comments)