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First-Aid Guide For Furniture 08/08/2011 By admin Leave a Comment Furniture First-Aid TechniquesWhen furniture arrives in your home, it’s factory-issued, perfect and clean. From that day forward, however, accidents can happen, causing damage to your pieces. Sometimes the damage is permanent. Know...
  08/02/2011 By admin Leave a Comment   The United States is projected to reach its legal $14.294 trillion debt limit today. The limit was set by Congress February 12, 2010. The U.S. Treasury may not issue new debt beyond the debt ceiling.  Since April 2011, Congress has debated ways to remain be...
Led By Expectations Of A Strong Fall Season, Homebuilder Confidence Bounces Back 07/19/2011 By admin Leave a Comment   Homebuilder confidence is bouncing back. One month after an unceremonious dip highlighted by poor sales figures and dim prospects for the future, the National Association of Home...
  What To Know Before You Move To A New Neighborhood 07/06/2011 By admin Leave a Comment     As home buyers , we tend to research homes a lot. We look at square footage; at upgrades; at landscaping; at community statistics; and, at every other “number” on which we can get our hands. But those are...
06/09/2011 By admin Leave a Comment It’s a fact: It’s more expensive to live in some cities than others. Beyond just the costs of buying a home, different cities also...
06/01/2011 By admin Leave a Comment Another quarter, another sign that mortgage lending may be easing nationwide. The Federal Reserve’s quarterly survey of senior loa...
The Federal Reserve released its April 2011 Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes Wednesday. In the hours since, mortgage markets have worsened; rates are higher by 1/8 percent this morning, at least. The “Fed Minutes” is published 8 times annually, three week after each scheduled FOMC me...
You are here: Home / Housing Analysis / Home Builders Seeing More Sales Today; Fewer Sales Tomorrow Home Builders Seeing More Sales Today; Fewer Sales Tomorrow 05/17/2011 By admin Leave a Comment
With large swaths of the country bracing for an historic Mississippi River flood, it’s important to remember that floods aren’t just regional.Flood waters can strike any city, in any state, at any time. According to FloodSmart.gov, floods are the #1 most common disaster in the United States. $709...
Be prepared for Friday morning. Mortgage rates and home affordability could worsen quickly. At 8:30 AM ET, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its April Non-Farm Payrolls report and momentum has been strong. The monthly jobs report is a market-mover and analysts expect that 196,000 new jobs ...

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