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It is already almost that time again! The Fieldstone Farms Community Garage Sale is a huge event, attended by many shoppers both local, and from outlying counties (not to mention out of state)! This community sale is held rain or shine. So come prepared no matter the weather.   Scheduled for Satu...
I have lived in my new house for two years.  It's not that old, only about 18 years.  That might be near the end of the life of the HVAC systems, but with proper servicing and cleaning twice a year all is well, right? Isn't it?  It can be, if you get the PROPER things done.  Or rather, if your se...
  Good news for Fieldstone Farms in Franklin, Tennessee! The HOA is in the process of purchasing the recreational facilities through a long term lease/purchase. Effective May 1, 2011 all neighborhood ammenities, including the pools, tennis courts and clubhouse will be available to all homeowners...
It always comes around so quickly! The Fieldstone Farms Community Garage Sale is a huge event, attended by many shoppers both local, and from outlying counties (not to mention out of state)! Scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2011 it is just around the corner.. Start polishing the goods, don't for...
Divorce is so many things.  Emotional, difficult, buried in paperwork, multiple decisions, etc.  But when it is over, it should be OVER right? If you have children you will always be tied through co-parenting.  You love your kids, they love you.  That is the way it should be. But, tied through th...
It is not your grandfather's old grocery, as they say.  It's a grocery.  It's a place to eat.  It's an entertainment venue.  Puckett's Grocery has three locations:  4142 Old Hillsboro Road, Leiper's Fork, TN; 120 Fourth Avenue South, Franklin, TN and their newest location opening at 500 Church St...
We love our Franklin Firefighters.  This year, on Oct 25-27 the Franklin Firefighters are going pink for cancer awareness.  On these dates our Franklin Firefighters will be wearing pink T shirts to honor women who are fighting, or who have fought cancer. T shirts are also available for purchase t...
OOO, what a great place!  Renaissance?  Ancient Myths?  Theatre?  The name, Brigadoon Antiques, is inspired by a 1947 musical about an enchanted Scottish Village.  The village appears for only a day once a century.  But, to the residents, the passing of the century feels no longer than a day. Bri...
  It is not often that I take the time to re-blog another's post.  But this one is a genius idea, one for the books, one to pass on for others suffering from the same dispenser issues. I would add, that you can leave the cap on the one gallon, and drill a hole in the top to allow access for the n...
Yeoman's in the Fork is a place for history.  It is a step back in time through the pages of rare old books.  Yeoman's specializes in books important to US history, such as the Declaration of Independence, early presidents, and documents that give insight as to the early beginnings of the USA.  T...

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