rehoboth: Welcome to Titania Estates in Swansea Mass New Homes!! - 01/07/15 10:12 AM
Welcome to Titania Estates in Swansea Mass!  Lori Lincoln of Keller Williams Realty- official listing broker 508-878-0917 
Proudly presenting Titania Estates.  Located  in Swansea Massachusetts, Brand New Homes for sale!
With fewer homes for sale, why not build new?
Titania Estates is located  in a country setting -15 home sites available!
Minutes to Fall River and Providence.
See Google Map to Swansea

45 minutes to Cape Cod, 30 minutes to Newport RI, Swansea is located in southeastern Massachusetts. Close to shopping, Horseback Riding and more! 
Titania Estates, is in a suburban area an dincludes homes … (0 comments)

rehoboth: How to choose the right Real Estate Broker in Rehoboth Ma 508-878-0917 - 05/15/13 12:00 AM
How to choose the right Real Estate Broker in Rehoboth MA

Want your home sold now? Get these tips!
Selling Your Home The Right Way and marketing to the best buyers- Rehoboth Massachusetts Listing Agent/Realtor
Frequently Asked Questions from Home Sellers-
Are there things we should do to our home to help ensure the maximum price?
Yes. There is a benefit to making sure your Rehoboth home looks its best prior to offering it for sale.
There are also small remodeling jobs that will pay off at resale. I can advise you … (0 comments)

rehoboth: 4 Easy Tips- Force Value of Your Rehoboth MA Home-Before You Sell - 09/28/12 10:56 PM
5 Easy Tips to Increase Value of Your Rehoboth MA Home - Most you can do yourself.
When you are contemplating selling your home, you should consider the buyer's tastes,  not yours.  Buyers must see value supercede the price. So how do you get there?
1. Deep Clean and Declutter-  The number one complaint today among home shoppers, is that a home either smells bad or is dirty.  Today's home buyers like "Clean".. they want to the ability  to "see your house"<  and they are easily distracted by personal photos, trash and recylce bins left out, cluttered countertops,pet dander, foul … (1 comments)

rehoboth: 5 types of buyers -For Sale By Owner home in Taunton Area Real Estate - 06/11/12 08:31 AM
5 types of buyers -For Sale By Owner home in (Taunton Area Real Estate)
So exactly -what type of buyers are looking at For Sale By Owner homes?
1. Someone who has already sold a home or has had a job transfer.
The buyer who has sold their home or is being transferred needs to make a
quick decision to purchase and see as many homes as possible in a short
amount of time-using a Realtor
2. Cautious and qualified.
This buyer is looking for the special/perfect home, that they are qualified for.

rehoboth: Sellers need a Top Producer- Listing/Sellers Real Estate Agent- Realtor Rehoboth-Dighton-Swansea-surrounding areas - 02/13/12 01:36 AM
Sellers need a Top Producer- Listing/Sellers Real Estate Agent- Realtor Rehoboth-Dighton-Swansea-surrounding areas
You’re ready to sell your property. And, while you’re looking forward to seeing the word “SOLD” posted from the curb, you know there’s a lot to consider along the way. One of your first decisions is to select a top producer-real estate listing/sellers agent who’ll join you in the process.
You deserve much more than a sign in the yard, fliers in a box and an occasional open house. You deserve an experienced agent who will be at your side, proactively. From listing to closing, ensuring that your … (1 comments)

rehoboth: 8 Reasons why you should sell your home during the Holidays (Taunton Area Real Estate For Sale) - 11/27/11 01:22 AM
1. People who look for a home during the Holidays are more serious buyers! In fact, , undoubtedly sellers have a better chance to standout and face a buyer pool with more urgency to buy.
 2. Serious buyers have fewer homes to choose from during the holidays and less competition means more money for you!

 3. Houses show better when decorated for the Holidays!

 4. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays than they do during a working week!

 5. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons!

 6. … (3 comments)

rehoboth: Candid talk of Foreclosures and Bank Owned properties ( First Time Buyers must read) - 02/23/11 03:43 AM
Fact: Bank owned properties are difficult to finance due to your loan companies requirement of Title 5 Certification ( septic passing). When you pursue a bank owned house, you, the buyer are responsible for the title 5 inspection, de-winterization costs for home inspection, and other requirements that your lender will want. In other words, bank owned properties are sold as is, and all buyer lenders will not allow for a failed septic system.  You could spend upwards of $1000.00 of your money prior to owning the house.  Very rare will the bank that owns the house allow for contingencies like these.

rehoboth: Rehoboth Massachusetts home and housing market report for November 2010 - 11/28/10 04:53 AM
Here is your  home and housing market report for Rehoboth Massachusetts
There are currenty 95 Single Family homes listed for sale in Rehoboth MA
11 homes are under agreement ( scheduled to close)
3 Single famliy homes were sold in Rehoboth Massachusetts
..  compared to 5 single homes sold in November 2009
The average sales price in November 2010, Rehoboth MA was $307,000
compared to November 2009 at $441,000

(source MLSPIN)
One of the biggest challenges in homes sales and the housing market in 2010 has been appraisals. Appraisals are not assigned by the buyers banks. The bank sends their appraisal order to … (0 comments)

rehoboth: New Home Inventory ( New Construction) Scarce in Rehoboth MA- Rehoboth, Swansea, Seekonk Real Estate - 11/28/10 04:01 AM
  New Home Inventory is scarce in Rehoboth MA- Rehoboth, Swansea, Seekonk, MA homes and Real Estate
For the home buyer looking to purchasing a newly built home there are challenges and hurdles to overcome.  As I searched and scoured the MLS  for Newly built Homes( price range $380,000  to $450,000), for my buyer clients, I concluded that I am at a stand still. I cannot seem to find brand new homes that are already built in Rehoboth Massachusetts. The only option for my buyers was to have a home built.
So I got on the phone to call some builders, … (0 comments)

rehoboth: Seekonk MA - What's my home worth- Free Online Market Value for home sellers- From Seekonk To Fall River and More! - 10/17/10 01:35 AM
Taunton MA Real Estate Market Trends- Keller Williams Realty
What is My Home Worth?
Receive a custom evaluation for your home in Taunton,Rehoboth, Swansea and more, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:
Home Information
Address: Zip Code: 023240234602375027020270302715027180272002721027230272402725027260274702764027670276902771027770277902780 Other... Please enter Zip: Beds: Any1+2+3+4+5+ Baths: Any1+2+3+4+5+ Square Footage: Select One< 6008001,0001,2001,4001,6001,8002,0002,2502,5002,7503,0003,5004,0005,0006,0007,0008,0009,00010,000> 10,000 Reality:
Contact Information to Receive Your Report
First Name: Last Name: Email: Home Phone: Get my home's value

rehoboth: Signature Service for Home Sellers- Market Value- Trends and More-Greater Taunton MA - 10/13/10 01:20 PM
When you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you've come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you'll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home:
1. The Local Advantage - Take advantage of a broad spectrum of technologies and tools to support the sale of your home from start to close from a Realtor who cares about your bottom line.
2. Internet Advertising - Since about 90% of home buyers starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. You'll … (0 comments)

rehoboth: Title 5 Inspection and Septic System-(the short version) Before You List Your Home in Southeast MA - 10/08/10 02:03 AM
Title 5 and Septic System- Before You List Your home in Southeast MA
If your home is on a private septic system, the system must be in compliance with Massachusetts guidelines:
First, be sure you pump your system every year or every 2 years. You've heard the old expression, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A well maintained system is more likely to pass than on that has deferred maintainence. 
If your system has not been pumped recently, you should look into having an inspection by a licensed Title 5 inspector. There are several available in the Greater Taunton area. Call … (2 comments)

rehoboth: Halt on Foreclosures-Massachusetts Real Estate and Homes for Sale Somerset, Taunton, Rehoboth - 10/07/10 02:00 AM
Halt on Foreclosures- In Laymans Terms-Massachusetts Real Estate and Homes for Sale Somerset, Taunton Rehoboth
Okay, here we go.. this is how I see it:
Round 1
2004-2006- Mortgages were passed out like candy..i.e. fog a mirror-buy a house. The types of loans given were no doc, no job, no assets, no credit.. NINA Loans, 80-20 loans, 100% financing. Starter Rates wtih high adjustables Banks were lending money based on nothing. How in the world did they expect not to be found out? The investors who funded them were in the CDO business (mortgage backed securities) being sold on wall street.
Esssentially the new … (0 comments)

rehoboth: Rehoboth Fair- Rehoboth Massachusetts Real Estate - 08/06/10 12:54 AM
The Rehoboth Agricultural Fair has been an operating fair in some form or fashion for over 60 years. Even though throughout the late 1990's and early 2000's the Fair had no permanent home, its board of directors kept on searching for the perfect location to re-create the country fair atmosphere. In 2004 the Fair finally found a home on long time directors Richard and Robert Pray's family farm 76 Almeida RoadRehoboth, Massachusetts
This weekend August 5-8 are the dates.
As a child I remember when the fair was held at the Taunton Dog Track, maybe some of you remember as well.

rehoboth: Sellers- Hire the right listing agent- Rehoboth Massachusetts Homes - 03/23/10 01:55 AM
Sellers- Hire an agent that markets to the right buyers- Rehoboth MA homes
 Are there things we should do to our home to help ensure the maximum price?
Yes. There is a benefit to making sure your home looks its best prior to offering it for sale.
There are also small remodeling jobs that will pay off at resale. I can advise you about specific
improvements that will increase your home's marketability and value.
 How often will you advertise our property?
Hire an agent that doesn't just list homes, but is pro-actively marketing. Be sure your home is marketed
 to … (0 comments)

rehoboth: How is a Loss Really A Gain??? Taunton, Dighton, Lakeville, Rehoboth MA Real Estate - 02/08/10 02:00 PM
How is a Loss Really a Gain??? Taunton, Dighton, Lakeville, Rehoboth Massachusetts Real Estate
How is a loss really a gain?The graph below illustrates how a loss on the sale of a home today can be made up by a gain on a higher priced home.  
You see, many homes in higher price ranges have also dropped in value, creating an opportunity to buy at lower costs than were available before, resulting in a net savings.

rehoboth: New Listing! Affordable Home For Sale in Taunton- Not a short sale or a foreclosure - 01/18/10 10:45 AM

rehoboth: How to Get Buyers to Fall in Love and pay you full price for your house for Taunton, Assonet, Berkley, Somerset Ma and Bristol County - 07/20/09 04:09 PM
Be the best house in the area!
Buyers appreciate and make offers on well priced homes in great condition: Here are som quick tips that will get you top dollar for your home in today's competititve market.
Remember that  most buyers consider up to 5 possible towns. Sellers will be competing with other homes in the same price range in other towns. So it is extremely important that their homes stand out.
Before you put your house on the market check these items:
1. Curb appeal- remove trees and shrubs that "hide" your home.. most important is the front.  Flower gardens … (2 comments)

rehoboth: Believe it or not there are 2 buyers for every property in today's Market- Taunton Area Massachusetts - 06/18/09 12:21 PM
I heard this statement today " There are 2 buyers now for every property"  and now I know how to communicate this news to the sellers, buyers  and agents that may not be aware:
Did you know that there are now 2 buyers for every house on the market? Yes, the buyer and the bank. We can prevent what we can predict. And yes homes get sold if we prepare all parties with the following information: 
1. Title 5- Did you know that now the title 5's are scrutized by the underwriters at the bank? Did you know that if the system passes, … (2 comments)

rehoboth: Real Estate is on the move again! Lots of activities in the 200-300k price range - 06/07/09 12:48 PM
WoW! What a month! May was an extremely busy month for me and many agents in my area. Three of my listings had multiple offers.. I never thought I'd see this again.
It just proves a point.. 80% of the homes on the market are priced out of the market 20% will sell in a timely manner. There are homes IN the market.. then there are homes that are just ON the market.
Buyers appreciate homes in great condition, nicely located real estate that is priced fair.
The $8000.00 tax credit with great interest rates for buyers has also helped.  Higher … (1 comments)

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