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Blogging in the Rain - Connie Harvey's January Challenge Many thanks to Connie Harvey for challenging us to write at least one blog post each day in January. It helped me plan ahead when I knew I was facing crazy days to come, helped me become more time-efficient, and I found I enjoyed writing a ...
Come meet a redwood tree at the Heritage Grove, San Mateo County, CA We've been having gorgeous January weather in San Mateo County, but winter is still here, and this last weekend of the month brought gray skies, drizzle and rain. Luckily there are many options when you want to stretch your legs...
"How quickly do we need to close the transaction and provide the funds?" This is another question my buyer has, and another great one. The second part of the answer is straightforward; the other not so. Let's start with the easy part, the question about when funds must be paid. In most of our tra...
"Have prices dropped since January 2009 in Atherton?" Thus started the question from an accountant working on behalf of one of her clients. I'm happy to help other professionals gather the information their clients need, and did a bit of research for her. Pulling information from our MLS for the...
"If we were to make an offer......" .....and so began this morning's question from a buyer. He asked 4 different questions, one of which is "how binding is the offer?" Although I give a sample purchase contract to buyers at our first meeting, and talk about how offers are structured, it's often ...
Marian Goetzinger reminds us to re-visit our word useage and break out of any rut we're in. Expanding our vocabulary and shaking up our writing can create a freshness in thinking, too. What's your overused word?Does your vocabulary need an overhaul? Do you use the same words too often?  I do.  Ev...
Houses are selling in San Carlos, CA 94070!! This morning was a happy day for my buyers--finally, loan documents were in and the signing we hoped to accomplish last Friday took place. Early last December these first-time buyers entered into contract to purchase this sweet home, a home they're lo...
One house always seems to stand out, doesn't it? Tuesday is Broker Tour day in my part of San Mateo County, California. Today's tour was by far the largest in recent months. In the areas I serve, I had a choice of 111 properties to view. After scanning each listing, I focus on ones that might be...
"How much lower do you think they'll go?" This morning I woke to an email from a buyer who asked, "Do you think that this house will go for the price they are asking? (the lot is large, but the house is really small) I know that they are listing it at 1M, but I was wondering if a much lower offe...
Bus man's holiday - Realtor heads to San Francisco on Sunday afternoon This weekend was an interesting blend of activities, the type of weekend that I most enjoy--a meeting with a prospective buyer, putting a combo box on a listing so painters could get to work Monday morning and work their magic...

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