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FAQ: How do I buy a home in San Mateo County or the Silicon Valley? What goes on in the home buying process?These are questions I hear often, from first-time buyers as well as buyers from other areas. Since real estate is practiced differently in different areas, even within the State of Californ...
FAQ: Why can't I offer the price I see on Zillow?Zillow is a site that can be a lot of fun, but the price "Zestimates" are simply estimates, based on public records NOT on first-hand knowledge. Their algorithms can't factor in neighborhood conditions, amount of interior upgrading/remodeling (or n...
Once again, the City of San Carlos California is living up to its slogan, "The City of Good Living" What: Free Shredding and Goodwill Donations Event When: Saturday, June 2, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Bring up to 5 boxes (10"x12"x15") of your personal documents and confidential materials for safe and sec...
FAQ: Should I remodel or should I move?It's a question I often hear, and my answer is ...... it depends! How does one know whether it is wiser to embark on a major remodel or to sell one’s existing house and buy another? Questions to be answered include: Do I like living in this neighborhood/town...
FAQ: What are Liquidated Damages?In the purchase contracts typically used in northern California, the buyer and seller need to decide whether or not they agree to the liquidated damages provision. If they do agree, in the event buyer breaches the contract and fails to complete the purchase, the s...
FAQ: If we buy this home, will my child go to the neighborhood school?Due to burgeoning enrollments in many San Mateo County and Silicon Valley public schools, many local districts are unable to guarantee that incoming students will be admitted to schools closest to family homes. The school distr...
My Los Angeles colleague, Jane Peters, states so clearly just why real estate buyers need to be represented by their own agent. Same holds true here in San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley. Think about it -- it makes sense.I receive calls all the time from people searching Los Angeles homes fo...
FAQ: How should we hold title to our property?First, I must tell you I am neither an attorney nor a C.P.A. and can't give you specific advice about what is best for you and your particular situation. I can, however, give you the following recap about some of the ways of holding title that are com...
FAQ: Is an open house safe? Don't you get nervous?Safety is extremely important, and steps should definitely be taken to alleviate risk. Some guidelines to practice: Call the local police department and ask them to have a squad car drive by during your open-house hours. Check your cell phone’s st...
FAQ: What is the difference between a fixture and personal property and why is it important? FIXTURES are considered to be items attached to the structure by more permanent means than by a plug in the wall. Unless specifically excluded from a sale, they are included in the purchase price and tran...

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