active rain challenge: Grateful For Friends Who Enrich My Life - Week #1 - 11/06/19 07:28 PM
With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it is natural for us to reflect on all we have for which to be grateful. The challenge that Debe Maxwell is spearheading this month, the November 2019 Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge encourages us to share some of those thoughts with others, to spread the feeling and remind us just how fortunate we are.
Today I am thinking about friendships and how they enrich my life. As many of your know, I work as a Realtor both in San Francisco and on the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley.
Yesterday was a day spent primarily on the Peninsula, and it … (42 comments)

active rain challenge: Book Smart--not Book Foolish - 03/02/19 04:39 PM
Here's a fun and creative challenge to enjoy on a rainy day like we're having today in San Francisco, or perhaps a snowy day elsewhere. (I do believe March is roaring in like a lion in most parts of the country and Canada.)
Join the unique fun of Endre Barthe's March Active Rain Challenge, Book Smart., and tell your story about the painting below. After looking at this painting by Paul Freed for a while, I realize what it is telling me.
Once upon a time there was a real estate agent named Busy Bertrand (all names changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent.) … (37 comments)

active rain challenge: Gratitude Post #6 - my business support team - 11/17/18 08:18 PM
Today I was aware, yet again, of how fortunate I am to have a wonderful support team for my business, both formal and informal.
First there is Rachael, my Client Care Concierge who goes the extra mile to deliver the unexpected to our clients. They love her! Not only does she excel at that, she is an adept transaction coordinator, social media guru, and provides a wonderful experience at our open houses. She works with me full-time, and is full of energy and ideas, as well as being my link to how millennials think.
My Virtual Assistant, Teena, has worked with me for well … (18 comments)

active rain challenge: Gratitude Post #3 - Silver Linings - 11/12/18 05:55 PM
I've been thinking about silver linings today, and realize that I'm grateful it is my nature to find the silver lining in many less-than-preferred situations.
That ability has softened many a hard blow. Finding the silver lining doesn't always happen immediately, but it's there. A couple of recent examples:
personal issues recently made it necessary for me to cancel my long-awaited yoga retreat week. It was a blow since I had booked the trip many months ago; my daughter had decided to join me, and we were looking forward to sharing a special week. Once I got over the initial disappointment (and … (21 comments)

active rain challenge: Surviving Your Serengeti: This book pulls one in immediately - 02/20/11 04:50 PM
Stefan Swanepoel's soon-to-be-released book, Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life, pulls one in almost immediately.
Perhaps it is my love of adventure that enticed me, and made me want to learn about Sean and Ashley's visit to the Serengeti, but by the time I met Zacharia in Chapter Two, and listened to his discourse around the campfire about the Wildebeest (and I truly felt that I was there,) I was hooked.
The Wildebeest, I learned, have developed great endurance skills;  they are tenacious. Giving up is simply not an option.  They need water daily, so are … (16 comments)





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