active rain community: Community Guidelines-Respect the Real Estate Industry - 01/23/18 06:04 AM
"Respect the Real Estate Industry
ActiveRain is a place where real estate professionals can network with their peers and discuss industry insider topics. It is also a public forum where consumers can pull back the curtain and see what the real estate industry is really about"
One of the community guidelines of Active Rain is stated above, "respect the real estate community."
If we who work, live and breath real estate don't show respect, how can we hope the general public will? 
When we follow the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, we show respect for the industry. Article 15 of the Code of Ethics states, "REALTORS® … (17 comments)

active rain community: Debbie Walsh and I Went Ringing and Singing - 02/10/15 11:42 PM
Look at what Debbie Reynold's January challenge has started! Maria's post should be featured. She eloquently says, "the desire to know more about another colleague in this community does not have expiration."
We have to thank Debbie Reynolds for this contest as it ushered in the chance for the Rainers to connect to each other without qualms and hesitation.
I called Debbie Walsh when the contest was over because the desire to know more about another colleague in this community does not have expiration.
I rang her up first and left a voice mail. Then she called back on … (14 comments)

active rain community: Active Rain Community Guidelines - 01/14/15 12:11 PM
This evening I re-read the Active Rain Community Guidelines as I do once a year.
Each time I read them, something new resonates with me. Today it is:
"ActiveRain is built for Community. We built ActiveRain as a place for real estate professionals to network and create a sense of community. This is your community! It is our members that make ActiveRain such a special place."
When I joined Active Rain, back in 2008 I believe, I was looking for a source of learning, to replace the coaching program I had recently finished. I hoped to learn and share ideas about … (15 comments)

active rain community: Thanks A Million! - 03/21/14 12:05 AM

If you happened to miss Dick Greenberg's post this morning, read on. Take a moment to thank Dick for stating so well how much this Active Rain community brings to many of us.
So, after almost three years playing in the Rain, I made my Million today. It's obviously a major milestone, and one that comes with a lot of emotional content. The most compelling emotion I'm experiencing right now, however, isn't one of achievement, or even relief - it's gratitude.
When I first arrived here three years ago, I was a different person. I think it's fair to say … (15 comments)





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