art: Glimpses of San Francisco - Orange - 06/06/19 07:43 PM
Exploring San Francisco, it's hard not to spot accents of orange. You'll find orange in the natural world; in a sunset at Ocean Beach, above, or in gardens throughout the city, like the poppies at Fort Mason Community Garden and the other flowers brightening Holly Hill Park on a cloudy day.

Orange accents buildings, both large like this condo building in the Hayes Valley and small like the entry to tiny Cafe La Mediterranee on Fillmore Street.

In San Francisco, you'll find orange inside buildings, on art walls in North Beach cafes and on art pieces at the Asian Art Museum.

Finally, how can … (29 comments)

art: "Time Flies Like an Arrow...." - 08/05/18 09:40 AM
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana"
I hadn't heard this until last week, but apparently it is a saying often used as an example of a "garden path sentence"  as an example of a double entendre.
Whatever the origin, I chuckled, and thought of this large arrow sculpture named Cupid's Span which adorns the Embarcadero in San Francisco. After attending a program at the new Transit Center, we decided to walk home via the beautiful waterfront and enjoy the sculpture as well as Embarcadero itself.
Yesterday was a delightful day in The City, sunny mild temperatures, a relief from the … (33 comments)

art: Just Hanging Around - Weekend Whimsy - 07/28/18 09:01 PM
Just hanging around ....looks like this soldier's enjoying some leisure time.
Next time you're enjoying leisure time at The Presidio in San Francisco, take a look at this cardboard art hanging near the registration desk at The Lodge at the Presidio. Located on the main parade ground, near the Disney Family Museum. 

art: Is it OK for Big Kids to Take Time to Play? - 08/11/17 08:57 PM
Is it OK for Big Kids (aka adults) to take time to play? When you live in San Francisco the answer is a resounding YES!
Thursday evenings are adult night at the Exploratorium, one of the premier hands-on science museums in the country, in operation since 1969. 
Regular sessions close at 5:00 PM. At 6:00 PM the doors re-open for guests ages 18 and older. The atmosphere is fun; bars are set up (and well-patronized I must say) and the crowd is happy and chatty. 
San Francisco is full of young adults, and the average age seems to be the under 35 crowd. However, … (25 comments)

art: Errand Running in San Francisco - not so mundane - 05/13/16 02:32 AM
Multi-tasking has taken a bum rap lately, but when I combine exercise, time with my husband, and running an errand like going to Safeway for some staples, I think multi-tasking is just great.
When living in San Francisco, even a mundane task like grocery shopping turns into something interesting. Last night's walk from Pacific Heights, down through Cow Hollow and to the Marina turned into an art walk.
This tiled staircase at a private house in Pacific Heights was done by Colette Crutcher, one of the two artists who created the famous public staircases on Moraga and on Kirkland streets.
The Marina Safeway itself … (23 comments)

art: A Little Whimsy to Enjoy Today - 04/19/15 06:49 AM
Greetings, my friends!
Here's a bit of whimsy for you to enjoy this April Sunday.
This loving couple is swinging together in a corridor of the Jewish Home in San Francisco, on the way to the short-term rehab facility. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. Don't they seem to be having a great conversation, and enjoying each others company?
Enjoy your day!

art: Staircase Walks in San Francisco - 10/09/14 06:11 AM
Almost everyone has heard about the hills of San Francisco. Many of you have driven or walked up and down them, happily or otherwise. And many of you have discovered some of the many staircases we walk up and down taking us to our destinations, or simply providing exercise and a sense of adventure.
These staircases are scattered in every neighborhood across town, from Telegraph Hill  across town to the ocean; in Pacific Heights and in Bernal Heights. I have written before about the Lyon Street stairs, and about some on Russian Hill and in the Eureka Valley.
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