first time buyers: The Age of Buyers is Skyrocketing, per NAR Economist - 01/15/20 06:44 PM
The National Association of Realtors shared information from Dr. Jessica Lautz, Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights at NAR, regarding the ages of buyers.
In short, buyers' ages have jumped from a median of 31 in 1981 to 47 in 2019. What is even more interesting to me is that the median ages of repeat buyers has risen from 36 in 1981 to 55 in 2019!
You can read her complete article by clicking on this link, "The Age of Buyers is Skyrocketing...but Not for Who You Might Think" It is not a long read, but full of interesting thoughts and possibilities. … (79 comments)

first time buyers: "Hi Lottie - This place is great" - 06/07/16 07:56 AM
This is what makes the long hours, the writing of numerous offers, the helping buyers deal with the disappointment of offers that were not accepted all worthwhile:
"Hi, Lottie,
The place is great!  I am now happy about losing those first offers, because thisplace is really perfect for me. I still have a lot of unpacking, decorating, arranging do, but there is no deadline. Everything works, I am OK with the commute, andI even like the wall colors.  :-)  And the walks or bike rides that I can take from my front door are going to be fantastic.  I've only met a … (16 comments)

first time buyers: IF YOU'RE A FIRST TIME BUYER & LOOKING FOR ADVICE .... READ THIS! - 02/06/10 09:37 AM
From a very wise lender in Illinois comes this great piece of advice for first time buyers. The points made are just as true here in San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley as they are in Illinois or elsewhere.
While I know very few buyers who didn't need to tighten the belt a bit, especially during that all-important first year, one needs to do so in a thoughtful, considered way. Let me know if I can answer any buying or selling questions as they pertain to our San Francisco Peninsula market. The goal is to make Peninsula Living better!





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