flowers: Glimpses of San Francisco - Orange - 06/06/19 07:43 PM
Exploring San Francisco, it's hard not to spot accents of orange. You'll find orange in the natural world; in a sunset at Ocean Beach, above, or in gardens throughout the city, like the poppies at Fort Mason Community Garden and the other flowers brightening Holly Hill Park on a cloudy day.

Orange accents buildings, both large like this condo building in the Hayes Valley and small like the entry to tiny Cafe La Mediterranee on Fillmore Street.

In San Francisco, you'll find orange inside buildings, on art walls in North Beach cafes and on art pieces at the Asian Art Museum.

Finally, how can … (29 comments)

flowers: St. Patrick's Day at the Fort Mason Community Garden - 03/17/17 01:31 PM
Yesterday, in honor of St. Patrick's Day...and because we could, and because the sun was shining... we enjoyed eating lunch at the Fort Mason Community Garden, where I'm having fun with my long-awaited garden plot. 
The ceanothus (the large bushes in the picture, with blue blossoms - a California native plant) is at the height of its glory; calla lilies are blooming in abundance as are various types of poppies, iris and tulips. Chard glistens in many beds.
Many unknown (to me) flowers are blooming. Maybe some of you can tell me what the pretty light blue star shaped flowers  in the video are; … (14 comments)

flowers: Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything - 04/05/15 06:25 AM
Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything
(just a little ditty my girls would say many years ago)

The table is set -- family is starting to arrive -- a simple spring meal is in the works --
no hike in the Marin Hills today, but soon!

Wishing you all a happy day, with plenty of sunshine, flowers and joy!


flowers: How Do You Thank a Referral Once Removed? - 01/12/15 02:44 PM
Have you ever received a referral from an agent, who was given your name by another agent?
The first agent generally doesn't receive any referral fee, but without that agent thinking of you and passing on your name, you would not have received the referral.
When I first receive the referral, I send a note of thanks, often with a small token of appreciation inside.
But one of my great pleasures is to send a gift to that agent after the closing of the referred buyer or seller, which could be long after they have forgotten they passed my name on. … (19 comments)





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