gratitude: Grateful for the love of my spouse - Week #4 - 11/24/19 10:27 AM
I've had a rough week--nothing major--just hard. Tuesday morning I woke with a sore throat and very tired. By Wednesday I had to acknowledge I was sick. To top it off, Wednesday evening I jammed my toe into the edge of a door--the swelling and bruising is shocking and walking is almost impossible. I hope it is only a bad bone bruise and nothing worse.
And then - the cancellations had to begin:
I canceled my Thursday morning volunteer stint serving breakfast at Glide in San Francisco My assistant had to keep several business appointments for me Next I dropped out of … (52 comments)

gratitude: Grateful For Friends Who Enrich My Life - Week #1 - 11/06/19 07:28 PM
With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it is natural for us to reflect on all we have for which to be grateful. The challenge that Debe Maxwell is spearheading this month, the November 2019 Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge encourages us to share some of those thoughts with others, to spread the feeling and remind us just how fortunate we are.
Today I am thinking about friendships and how they enrich my life. As many of your know, I work as a Realtor both in San Francisco and on the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley.
Yesterday was a day spent primarily on the Peninsula, and it … (42 comments)

gratitude: Gratitude Post #10 - little things all in a typical day - 11/21/18 09:05 PM
This evening, Thanksgiving Eve, as I look back on the day, I realize it wasn't an extraordinary day in any way, in fact, it was a quieter business day than many, wrapping up loose ends before the holiday weekend descends upon everyone.
What is remarkable, however, is the realization of how many things occur in an ordinary day for which to be grateful. We just need to open our eyes, and untie the ribbons.
It started this morning, when yesterday's ocean breezes came onshore again, pushing away the choking smoke of the past 13 days. And then, delightful rain, to clear the air, … (24 comments)

gratitude: Gratitude Post #7 - Compass Family Services in SF - 11/18/18 09:40 AM
This morning I woke, thinking about Compass Family Services, and realizing how grateful I am for them and all they do.
Shortly after our move to San Francisco 7 years ago I happened across a newspaper article talking about homeless families in San Francisco. The article focused on one family who would spend some nights couch surfing with friends, other nights on the streets. Their young son was in elementary school, and they would take several buses across town, trying their best to get him to school. He'd often arrive late, usually unfed. The staff understood, would have breakfast for him, and then … (6 comments)

gratitude: Gratitude Post #6 - my business support team - 11/17/18 08:18 PM
Today I was aware, yet again, of how fortunate I am to have a wonderful support team for my business, both formal and informal.
First there is Rachael, my Client Care Concierge who goes the extra mile to deliver the unexpected to our clients. They love her! Not only does she excel at that, she is an adept transaction coordinator, social media guru, and provides a wonderful experience at our open houses. She works with me full-time, and is full of energy and ideas, as well as being my link to how millennials think.
My Virtual Assistant, Teena, has worked with me for well … (18 comments)

gratitude: Gratitude Post #4 - clean air to breathe - 11/14/18 08:38 PM
Clean air to breathe - not something we often think about until its gone - but something for which I will be grateful from here forward.
No matter where you live, you've probably heard of the devasting wild fires scorching California at present.
The Woolsey fire in Ventura and Los Angeles counties has claimed 3 lives so far, and burned many homes in the Malibu Canyon area. Over 98,000 acres have burned.
In northern California the Camp Fire is the deadliest wild fire in California's history. As of today, 56 fatalities have been counted, with more than 100 people still unaccounted for. 10,321 … (20 comments)

gratitude: Gratitude Post #3 - Silver Linings - 11/12/18 05:55 PM
I've been thinking about silver linings today, and realize that I'm grateful it is my nature to find the silver lining in many less-than-preferred situations.
That ability has softened many a hard blow. Finding the silver lining doesn't always happen immediately, but it's there. A couple of recent examples:
personal issues recently made it necessary for me to cancel my long-awaited yoga retreat week. It was a blow since I had booked the trip many months ago; my daughter had decided to join me, and we were looking forward to sharing a special week. Once I got over the initial disappointment (and … (21 comments)

gratitude: Day 10 - thankful for family and friends - 11/24/16 06:58 AM
Today wraps up Debbie Reynolds' 10-day Thanksgiving Post Challenge and I must say I've enjoyed reading some wonderful posts. No matter who we are, the common thread is being thankful for life, for health, for love, for family, for friends, for our business. 
Reading about some of the little things like being thankful for cookies and car keys have added pleasure, too.
Today, Thanksgiving Day, I did what I do every morning--sit on the couch in our living room, in the dark, cup of coffee in hand, and look out over the city, giving thanks. I don't force the gratitude to come, or script … (24 comments)

gratitude: Day 8 - thankful for business - 11/22/16 12:32 AM
As Thanksgiving nears and preparations get underway to enjoy Thanksgiving day with family and friends, I'm pulling back a few hours a day from business and spending a more time on family activities and plans.
That helps me realize just how thankful I am for my business. My last two listings have closed escrow and my sellers are off on new life adventures; my current batch of buyers are all happily settled in their new homes, and I'm starting with a new round of buyers. The cycle continues.
As I was re-reading the Team Charter I wrote several years ago, I was reminded … (8 comments)

gratitude: Day 5 -- thankful for the joys of autumn - 11/19/16 12:40 AM
Autumn has long been my favorite season of the year, and I'm thankful for it.
Here in coastal California, we typically have warm, sunny days, interspersed with an occasional light rain. The sun feels gentle on the skin, not searing and burning, and the rain gives promise of renewal, as it slowly turns our golden hillsides green with fresh grass, and leaf-fall in the forests leaves a lovely mosaic of color on the trails. Vineyards turn a red, or orange or yellow, depending on the variety.
Here the color of autumn is gentle in nature, but spectacularly brilliant garden specimen trees, pumpkin … (14 comments)

gratitude: Day Two - Today I'm thankful for... - 11/15/16 03:02 PM
Day Two -- today I'm thankful for having the use of the beautiful surroundings of The Rockwell to share with friends, family and clients. Our client get-together over the weekend had the theme of "life styles - then and now."
We started our afternoon at our condo complex, built in 2003, touring the common areas and sharing hors d'oeuvres in our condo. Next stop: a tour of the 1886 Haas-Lillienthal house to see how wealthy San Franciscans lived in the Victorian era. We then walked the 5 blocks to The Rockwell, stopping along the way to eyeball other Victorians as well … (5 comments)

gratitude: The fog is swirling past my window this evening - 06/02/16 01:17 PM
This evening I'm feeling especially grateful for living where I do, in the midst of San Francisco. My husband is off singing, preparing for his concert on Saturday, I've had an evening walk to the post office and a corner market (I love shopping local and supporting our merchants).
Now I'm sitting at my computer. Strains of Beethoven piano sonatas are playing while wisps of fog swirl up from the bay, past my window. The last rays of sun are shining through the light fog and making Russian Hill more ethereal and beautiful than ever.
And, the Golden State Warriors are leading nicely … (10 comments)

gratitude: When life gives you lemonade... - 08/12/15 10:06 PM
Our colleague and friend, Nicole Doty, has written a wonderful post about contentment, gratitude and truthfulness. While striving to be better is a good thing, being happy where we are is equally important.

It's one of the oldest businesses any young entrepreneur remembers starting. They aren't around as often anymore but the neighborhood curbside lemonade stand used to be a staple among communities all across the Country. Children of all ages would haul their tables, chairs, and homemade signs out to the major walkways so they could catch the eyes of thirsty pedestrians or motorists eager to support their cause.

gratitude: Gratitude-the difference between living and existing - 11/24/14 11:05 PM
Gratitude is the ingredient in life that makes the difference between existing and living - at least that is how it is for me.
It starts when I step out of bed, smell the freshly brewed coffee and see the twinkling lights of the city -- grateful for the new morning and the cozy home I share with my husband.

It continues as I sit at my computer watching night turn into day, seeing the natural and man-made beauty outside my window - looking at Mt. Tamalpais in the rosy dawn light, or the fog swirling over the bay. It's … (22 comments)

gratitude: Random Thoughts for a Sunday Morning - 10/19/14 01:53 AM
Today is the first day in quite a while when I have no appointments at any set time! What a luxury it is to sit and let happiness and gratitude soak over and through me. Thoughts such as:
How happy I am that the one disreputable building on our block is being rehabbed and painted -- the one directly across from me, the one that I feared would be razed and replaced by a taller one that would block our bay view.
How nice it is that Rachael and Susan are getting together for brunch today. Rachael, our young adult granddaughter and … (16 comments)





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