hiking: One Night Away - a fresh approach to life - 08/28/19 09:21 PM
The month of July was an extraordinary one for me in the real estate world. Great things resulted from the long hours, but a planned one-night get away had to be postponed. This week we finally had the chance to head on our short adventure.
Day One: This car-less adventure saw us head out the door with overnight backpacks, over North Beach with a stop at our friend's cafe (Pat's Cafe) for a leisurely breakfast and then down to Pier 41where a ferry boat took us across the bay to Sausalito via Angel Island and Tiburon.
From there, we walked up the hill along … (31 comments)

hiking: Summer Fun in San Francisco-getting to know The Presidio - 07/23/19 04:26 PM
Getting to know The Presidio in San Francisco is a year-round treat, but never more so than in summer. 
My top 5 summertime activities here include:
Learn some of the history. The Officer's club, open free of charge 6 days a week (closed Monday) has a wonderful small museum offering a glimpse of native American life in the area, early Spanish and Mexican life here, and when the Presidio was an active US Army post. You'll find art exhibits on the gallery walls, and a long-running exhibit, "Exclusion" detailing the Presidio's role in the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Sit for … (21 comments)

hiking: Throwback Thursday - still standing! - 09/27/18 11:13 AM
I remember well that day in the Swiss Alps, high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It was the last day of a glorious week of hiking and we were on a simple trail aptly named the Panoramaweg. The beauty and majesty of the Alps brought forth from me this expression of joy!
Fast forward 13 years. I still love hiking vacations, still love exploring the mountains, alms and valleys of the Alps (and Andes, and Sierras, and White Mountains, and....)
Delighted and grateful to be still standing, whether on my feet or my head makes no difference!

hiking: Dolomites, Croatia and Slovenia--oh my! - 09/21/18 04:37 PM
“At its best, travel should challenge our preconceptions and most cherished views, cause us to rethink our assumptions, shake us a bit, make us broader minded and more understanding.” –Arthur FrommerI've been home for almost two weeks now after a wonderful vacation, and what crazy days these have been! This Saturday morning, as I enjoy my coffee before the busy day truly gets underway,  I'm reliving some of my wonderful recent adventures, and thought I'd share a few photos and brief comments.
As many of your know, hiking is one of my avocations--it's one way I try to stay physically, emotionally and mentally fit while … (36 comments)

hiking: A study of contrasts, Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, CA - 08/14/18 09:54 PM
As any local hiker, mountain biker, or lover of nature knows, Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, is a beacon and destination in any type of weather.
Home to the world-famous Muir Woods, much of the mountain is deeply forested, with Coastal redwood trees soaring overhead creating deep shade where ferns thrive on the banks and streams burble down the ravines.
However, cross over a ridge and you'll find sunnier, more arid trails to explore and be rewarded with vistas of rolling hills and the shimmering Pacific Ocean in the distance. One such trail … (16 comments)

hiking: My mini-Active Rain vacation is drawing to a close - 03/26/18 08:49 AM
From time to time I take a break from Active Rain, like I've done this past month. Sure, I sign on just about every day, read a few great posts, comment on some and then--I stop.
So what do I do with the time I don't spend blogging?  I might enjoy a City hike through a different San Francisco neighborhood like I did Friday afternoon - I always find that refreshing, and always find something new to make me smile and excite me while I re-visit some favorite places.
On a recent March day, we walked to the Civic Center BART station and took … (30 comments)

hiking: A San Francisco "good-bye" to 2017 - 01/01/18 10:59 AM
While much of the country is keeping warm indoors, we're fortunate to be able to enjoy being out and about (much to Tanner's delight as well as ours.)
Playing in the bay at Crissy Field is Tanner's first choice for a great outing, and we enjoyed doing just that a couple of days ago.
However, on New Year's Eve day we enjoyed a 5-mile walk through Golden Gate Park, out to Ocean Beach near the Cliff House and meandered back to our car.
This is one reason we pay the big bucks to live here! Our houses tend to be small, and very expensive -- … (16 comments)

hiking: Countdown to Thanksgiving - Thankful for old friends - 11/12/17 10:13 AM
As we approach Thanksgiving, Debbie Reynolds has challenged us to post one thing each day (or as few or many days as we wish) between now and Thanksgiving for which we are thankful. Read details of her 12 Days of Thanks Giving challenge and decide how you'd like to participate.
Every morning I start my day by think of several things for which I'm grateful that day. Today my first thought was: I'm thankful for my long-time Sierra Club hiking buddies, and that I've reconnected with them.
25 years ago I was a hike leader for the Sierra Club and enjoyed long, arduous weekly … (13 comments)

hiking: Wordless Wednesday - if little houses could talk.... - 07/19/17 03:44 PM
A favorite activity of ours when the evening daylight is long is to walk for a couple of hours in various neighborhoods in San Francisco. One such evening walk took us up Billy Goat Hill and along neighborhood streets before we headed back down to Noe Valley and dinner.
I was quite charmed by this little house and gnarly tree -- don't you want to make up some amazing stories set here?
Both of my parents were good story tellers, and I expect they would have come up with some lovely adventure tales set here.

hiking: Pictures from Peru - 05/26/17 04:39 PM
On Wednesday I wrote a post about my vacation to Peru with Road Scholars, and my 4-day trek on the Inca Trails leading to Machu Picchu. I couldn't share pictures then, but the bug has been fixed, so I'm posting a few of my favorites here.

One of my plans for this holiday weekend is download and cull through all my trip photos -- a task that will take quite some time, but it will be fun re-living my grand adventure through the photos.
Another plan is to reflect on just what this holiday is all about, and to count the many blessings we … (22 comments)

hiking: Getting back into the post-vacation swing of things - 05/25/17 08:24 AM
Peru! Machu Picchu! 4-day trek at high altitude! Those mountains! The history!
What a magical vacation. For well over 25 years I have wanted to hike the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu in Peru. Finally, this was the year! I would wait no longer.
The trip exceeded my expectations in many ways.  The trek itself was very strenuous -- and the most memorable I've taken. The guides were well-informed and shared their love of country, land, and ancient civilizations. The porters were astounding.
We went with a tour group, Road Scholars (used to be known as Elder Hostel) and I can't sing their … (14 comments)

hiking: Vacation time - what adventures await? - 05/10/17 07:43 AM
It's vacation time for me and I'm looking forward to my experiences, and wonder what adventures await.
As many of you know, I enjoy hiking and get out as often as possible. One of the benefits of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is our ability to enjoy the outdoors year round, and superb hiking is found along the spine of the SF Peninsula in our state and county parks and the Open Space District lands. In Marin County, Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Headlands are major draws. In the East Bay and South Bay there are many more opportunities. San … (12 comments)

hiking: A Walk in the (wet) Woods - Steep Ravine Trail, Mt. Tam - 02/19/17 03:11 PM
One of the draws to living in the San Francisco Bay Area is our relatively mild weather. Even though it continues to rain in northern California, the weather is still conducive for taking a rainy day hike.
After errands and chores were finished up this morning, it was time for us to head over the Golden Gate Bridge for a walk on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais, or Mt. Tam as it is affectionately known. We chose to visit the Steep Ravine Trail, starting at Pan Toll parking lot, to enjoy the mosses, the ferns, the water.
We weren't disappointed, as this video … (12 comments)

hiking: Grateful... - 01/16/17 05:55 PM
Feeling grateful ...
          ..... for the rains that have officially ended the 5-year drought here in Northern California
          ..... for the green grass growing on our hillsides
          ..... for living in this incredibly, achingly beautiful area just a hop, skip and a jump from my house, and open to all to enjoy
(hiking in the winter sunshine on Mt. Tamalpais, Matt Davis trail, January 15, 2017)

hiking: Mendocino-perfect spot to refresh and renew - 12/31/16 08:36 AM
Mendocino, California is a charming, New England style village perched on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean. Favored by artists, you'll find numerous Bed and Breakfast inns, good restaurants, and art galleries ready to welcome you as you explore the natural beauty of the winding trails along the bluffs, or river walks into coastal valleys.
Its remote location 3 to 5 hours north of San Francisco makes getting there part of the experience. The quicker route is up Highway 101 to Cloverdale then through the wine country of the Anderson Valley. (Husch winery is a favorite of ours, and their dry Gewurztraminer is … (11 comments)

hiking: The Power of Goals and Focus - 09/28/16 01:46 PM
This afternoon through tomorrow mid-day I'm off on my quarterly business review and planning retreat. I'll share more about that tomorrow, but here's a thought that manifested itself this afternoon.
Late in the afternoon I took a break from the computer and headed to nearby Point Reyes National Seashore for a hike. The days are getting shorter, which meant I had only about 75 minutes before 6:00PM when I wanted to be back at my car.
I was hiking to my watch, reaching my turn-around time at 5:35. I stopped when I reached Divide Meadows a few minutes later and took a picture … (13 comments)

hiking: It's a holiday weekend - time for a good hike - 07/03/16 12:21 AM

Yesterday, the first day of this 3-day weekend, included time for a great afternoon hike in Pacifica, a coastal town just south of San Francisco.
We enjoyed plenty of solitude, views galore, and varied terrain and vegetation. As my FitBit recorded, we also had lots of elevation gain.
Happy Independence Day everyone!
Wishing you all good times shared with those near and dear to you.

hiking: Throwback Thursday-Half Dome hike 1993 - 06/30/16 05:11 AM
I haven't posted a Throwback Thursday photo for ages, but when I saw the shot of Machu Picchu that Sheila Anderson posted today, my mind thought of some of the mountain peaks I have reached.
These two photos date back to 1993. Gene and I were dating then (married 20 years now). My daughter Susan and her friend had just graduated from high school, and I had finished all of my cancer radiation treatments the week before.
We decided to try our planned 17+ mile hike from Yosemite Valley to the top of Half Dome and back. Would I make it?
I did. I'll … (20 comments)

hiking: Alice's Restaurant, a landmark in San Mateo County - 04/24/16 01:26 AM
Alice's Restaurant is a landmark in San Mateo County.
Located at the junction of Highway 35 (Skyline Boulevard) and Highway 84 (Woodside-La Honda Road) at the area known as Sky Londa, Alice's Restaurant is the iconic spot for motorcyclists, intrepid bicyclists, hikers, road-trippers and neighbors to meet and greet while enjoying the food and casual ambiance.
Set in a clearing with towering Coast Redwoods nearby, it's a scenic, fun destination after a day's outdoor adventure. For pictures of Alice's Restaurant, check out the web site
The picture below gives a feel for a bit of Sky Londa's mountainous beauty, and that it is, … (23 comments)

hiking: Springtime at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve - 04/24/16 01:11 AM
Living in San Francisco, San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley provides many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors - all year around. Whether you like to hike, bike, walk, run, or ride a horse--you'll find it all here.
Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed a good hike on some of my favorite trails at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve in San Mateo County.
Starting at Skyline Boulevard, we went up flower-bedecked trails to the top of Borel Hill, then long the Ancient Oaks Trail (a favorite of many) and then down the canyon to the newly open trail to the top of Mindego Hill … (6 comments)





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