lafayette park: Glimpses of San Francisco - Purple! - 06/14/19 08:00 PM
As some of you know I love walking throughout the neighborhoods of San Francisco. When on foot, walking between property showings or previews, to appointments or on errands, I have the luxury of a few minutes of time to enjoy some of the sights along the way.
Today I am focusing on the color purple (and thinking of our colleagues Sally K. & David L. Hanson and their love of purple.)
We see soft purple skies at twilight over AT&T Park (go Giants!) matched by the soft purple of fragrant lavender gracing Lafayette Park.
Bold purple can be spotted on houses, apartment buildings and cars, too! … (30 comments)

lafayette park: Glimpses of San Francisco - GREEN! - 05/14/19 05:09 AM
This San Francisco Realtor is vacationing in the east coast at present, and reveling in all the green I see, in Manhattan and New Jersey, and now in Maryland and Virginia. It is May and we're seeing green everywhere.
While the green in San Francisco isn't so much woods like the picture above (Tryon Park, Manhattan, near the MetCloisters) plenty of green greets one as we walk around San Francisco, like this pathway in Lafayette Park in Pacific Heights.
Or these pictures below, in the San Francisco Botanical Garden, a patio of a Pacific Heights house, San Francisco City Hall, and at the … (27 comments)

lafayette park: Day 3, thankful for......foggy SF days - 11/16/16 12:47 PM
San Francisco has many micro climates, and Pacific Heights is one usually free from the swirling fog that often shrouds the Golden Gate bridge and envelopes the streets  in the more western parts of the City.
Not so a few mornings ago when I walked along Jackson Street.  It was still heavy an hour later on my way back. The fog didn't stop the wild parrots from squawking and flitting about, nor the walkers, joggers, and dogs from frolicking.
Just one more thing for which to be thankful - the mysterious fog that gives familiar sights a new appearance.

lafayette park: The Many Moods of Lafayette Park, San Francisco - 02/13/16 08:50 AM
I think of Lafayette Park as the Crown Jewel of parks in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Encompassing 4 city blocks, it is perched on a knoll bordered by Washington and Sacramento Streets on the north and south, and Gough and Laguna on the east and west.
This morning the mood of Lafayette Park was quiet and mysterious, with more fog slowly drifting by than I've seen in a long time. Adding to the mood was the sound of fog horns on the bay.
By afternoon, all had changed, with the fog giving way to sunshine, crystal blue skies, … (13 comments)

lafayette park: Heat wave in San Francisco - 05/01/14 01:20 PM
Much of our San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing a heat wave. Temperature in Los Altos, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, was 93° at 5:00 PM, to the delight of some of my friends.
Here in San Francisco, we reveled in more moderate temperatures in the high 70s° . Now, at 8:00 PM, the thermometer across the street still reads 76°.
Just the evening to walk up to Whole Foods, then on to beautiful Lafayette Park, perched high on a knoll in Pacific Heights to enjoy a picnic overlooking the Spreckels Mansion and San Francisco Bay.

The setting … (15 comments)

lafayette park: A balmy January evening in San Francisco - 01/15/14 01:06 AM
The January full-moon evening was the perfect time to get out for some exercise in lovely San Francisco. The air was balmy, the winds calm, the late afternoon sun sent its rays across the hills, the full moon gradually grew brighter and shone on the water as darkness fell.

At the top of the knoll at Lafayette Park

Full moon at twilight, from Scott Street

Palace of Fine Arts, Marina District
January in San Francisco, a fine place to be. When you live your San Francisco dream, it's easy to step out on evenings like this and enjoy … (12 comments)

lafayette park: Why Living in the San Francisco area is so great--Reason #9--City Hikes! - 04/07/12 07:40 AM
Why Living in the San Francisco area is so great - Reason #9--City Hikes!
Some people are surprised that as empty nesters my husband and I chose to move to San Francisco, especially when we both work on the Peninsula.After all, they reason, you like to hike. Well, that's perhaps one of the reasons we did move to San Francisco -- hiking in San Francisco is wonderful.

For example, last Monday I wrapped up work at 4:30, and headed out for a fast-paced 90 minute walk. After being at my computer all day, I wanted the challenge of some hills … (7 comments)





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