living in san francisco: Is it OK for Big Kids to Take Time to Play? - 08/11/17 08:57 PM
Is it OK for Big Kids (aka adults) to take time to play? When you live in San Francisco the answer is a resounding YES!
Thursday evenings are adult night at the Exploratorium, one of the premier hands-on science museums in the country, in operation since 1969. 
Regular sessions close at 5:00 PM. At 6:00 PM the doors re-open for guests ages 18 and older. The atmosphere is fun; bars are set up (and well-patronized I must say) and the crowd is happy and chatty. 
San Francisco is full of young adults, and the average age seems to be the under 35 crowd. However, … (25 comments)

living in san francisco: Grateful... - 01/16/17 05:55 PM
Feeling grateful ...
          ..... for the rains that have officially ended the 5-year drought here in Northern California
          ..... for the green grass growing on our hillsides
          ..... for living in this incredibly, achingly beautiful area just a hop, skip and a jump from my house, and open to all to enjoy
(hiking in the winter sunshine on Mt. Tamalpais, Matt Davis trail, January 15, 2017)

living in san francisco: The Romance of San Francisco - 08/31/16 01:27 PM
San Francisco is a destination city for many vacationers from around the world. It's popular with conventioneers and sports enthusiasts.
It's a dream city for many residents and would-be residents, too.
For many, the romance begins with their first view of the Golden Gate Bridge and The City. Did you know that a home (condo or single-family home) with views of the Golden Gate Bridge can carry a premium price tag of $100,000-$500,000 or more than a similar home with no bridge view? The view never gets boring, and isn't the same two days in a row - the fog swirls in, the … (17 comments)

living in san francisco: Flower Piano - say what??? - 07/08/16 01:37 PM
That's right, Flower Piano has returned to the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park for the second year.
For 12 days only, July 7 through 18, 2016 the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park is hosting Flower Piano. Visitors can seek out 12 pianos tucked away in various spots in the gardens, perhaps on the great meadow, or in a quiet glen amongst a bower of flowers.
These pianos await your discovery. What to do when you stumble across one - unleash the musician in your soul, be it Chop Sticks or Chopin, Happy Birthday or Hayden. Or perhaps … (13 comments)

living in san francisco: Errand Running in San Francisco - not so mundane - 05/13/16 02:32 AM
Multi-tasking has taken a bum rap lately, but when I combine exercise, time with my husband, and running an errand like going to Safeway for some staples, I think multi-tasking is just great.
When living in San Francisco, even a mundane task like grocery shopping turns into something interesting. Last night's walk from Pacific Heights, down through Cow Hollow and to the Marina turned into an art walk.
This tiled staircase at a private house in Pacific Heights was done by Colette Crutcher, one of the two artists who created the famous public staircases on Moraga and on Kirkland streets.
The Marina Safeway itself … (23 comments)

living in san francisco: Living in San Francisco: "Do You Like Living There?" - 01/12/16 08:12 AM
Since I moved to San Francisco, I often hear, "Do you like living in San Francisco? We've always thought we might like to do that, too."
San Francisco, with its dynamic living and distinct neighborhoods is not far from San Carlos, where my office, Today Sotheby’s International Realty, is located. Many people in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, in Alameda, Marin and Contra Costa counties, are expressing interest in urban living after spending happy, busy years in the suburbs.
Perhaps the car-centric life with a two-story home and large yard no longer has the appeal it once did. For some, the idea … (10 comments)

living in san francisco: Living the San Francisco Dream - Issue #17 - 06/11/15 03:34 AM
 Life has been busy these last couple of months and nowhere more so than in
San Francisco, with street fairs, Bay to Breakers,  the SF Marathon,
and a real estate market that is sizzling.
And music-don’t forget the music.
In today’s issue of Living the San Francisco Dream  I’m sharing a few of my favorite things.
(Pictured: sunset at Marshall Beach, San Francisco)
Blog post: 5 Reasons I love living in San Francisco – hard to narrow it down to only 5!
Blog post: Summertime is Special in San Francisco – Check out the Stern Grove 2015 lineup
Blog post:  1601 Pacific Avenue – a write-up … (6 comments)

living in san francisco: Season of the Witch - 1960s and 70s in San Francisco - 02/20/15 09:40 AM
There's something bewitching about San Francisco. From the time I was a young girl visiting with my parents, then being a teenager and exploring the City with friends, and later a young adult renting what really was a slum (I didn't care--I had a bay window!) the City has cast its spell on me.  I am not alone.
Since before the Gold Rush days of the 1850s, San Francisco has attracted both visionaries and malcontents, people with big dreams who were not afraid to take chances and people wanting to create a new and better life for themselves.
That hasn't … (16 comments)

living in san francisco: Buying a San Francisco condo - the choice is yours - 10/07/14 12:53 AM
The fall months can be a great time to buy the San Francisco condo you've been wanting. While our current market certainly can't be said to be a "buyer's market" new listings are hitting the market at a time when many buyers have given up for the year.
And that can be a good thing for you.
Here's a sample of just some of the condos in one small area of Pacific Heights from which you might choose--none are more than 2 blocks away from Lafayette Park:
2200 Sacramento Street, at the corner of Laguna and across from beautiful Lafayette Park. … (14 comments)

living in san francisco: Sunday Morning Farmers Markets and Fort Mason, San Francisco - 08/12/14 12:10 AM
Sundays are busy days for Realtors® in San Francisco and San Mateo County, but before heading out to meet clients or host an Open House, I often make time to visit one of two great Farmer's Markets that are within easy walking distance for me.

Both have their special attractions, but many times I'm drawn to Fort Mason. The beauty of the area makes my heart happy, and never fails to make me smile and realize how fortunate I am to be living here.
This little video clip was taken last February. Twelve months a year I can … (11 comments)

living in san francisco: Lindy in the Park - bring your happy feet to Golden Gate Park - 08/01/14 01:18 AM
Lindy in the Park - Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, that is.
Every Sunday, between 11:00 and 2:00 (unless it rains) come join the happy, dancing feet, the smiling faces of young and old, and the great sound of swing music.
Can't dance? No problem! a free dance lesson is offered from 12:00 Noon - 12:30 - if you're like me, you'll appreciate the talents of those who can dance even more after taking a lesson! By Noon, the crowd had more than tripled in size, the dancers were wound up and even more amazing.

When you're ready … (12 comments)

living in san francisco: San Francisco's Kite Hill - a secret in plain sight - 07/14/14 11:05 AM
San Francisco has numerous parks and open spaces - over 220 of them - and while some are large and well known (think Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park, Alamo Square, Twin Peaks) some are barely known even to residents living close by.
One often overlooked park is a small park in the central part of town, one with lovely views - Kite Hill.

One winter day (one of the few rainy days we experienced this last winter) my husband and I decided to explore the Eureka Valley area of town. Not far from the Castro, just below Twin Peaks and … (3 comments)

living in san francisco: Bougainvillea in San Francisco? - 05/28/14 02:01 AM
On recent walks through various neighborhoods in San Francisco I was awed by brilliant bougainvillea blooming in profusion. The first picture is of a house in the Sea Cliff neighborhood. The next two shots are in Pacific Heights.

One tends to think of bougainvillea as a semi-tropical vine, more suited to warmer climes like San Diego, but they obviously flourish in San Francisco too. As you explore the City, you'll be surprised with what you find. (Did you know we also have flocks of wild parrots? More about that later.)

living in san francisco: San Francisco condos - Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights - 05/06/14 12:46 AM
Have you wondered what condos on Nob Hill, Russian Hill, or Pacific Heights might be like?
Tuesdays are broker tour days in San Francisco, which offers a great opportunity for Realtors® to preview a number of listings for clients in an efficient manner. Here's a snapshot of 3 different condos I previewed several weeks ago. There are many other choices, of course, some smaller some more grand, but these all tell a story.
1268 Green Street - located on Russian Hill, close to the vibrant upper Polk Street neighborhood with its restaurants and shopping. Behind the rather bland exterior is a remodeled … (9 comments)

living in san francisco: Enjoying a San Francisco day - 04/06/14 01:50 AM
Yesterday was my day off for the week, which means I only spent a couple of hours on business-related tasks on the computer.
The rest of the day incorporated some of my favorite things: time spent with family, friends, exercise in the fresh air, enjoying the great beauty of San Francisco, and some great music.

Mid-morning, with my husband and visiting daughter, I popped by my new listing at 234 Byxbee Street, where I met my colleague and went over last minute preparations for today's open house. Then off the 3 of us headed for brunch at The Beach Chalet, … (12 comments)

living in san francisco: Living the San Francisco Dream - Issue #2 - 02/26/14 12:26 AM
Greetings! In this second issue of Living the San Francisco dream   I share some of my favorite things about Russian Hill
(which includes the many staircases like this set, the Vallejo Street stairs)

Russian Hill is iconic San Francisco! A densely populated neighborhood with world-class views, cable cars running up and down steep hills,the curvy block of Lombard Street, and home to the San Francisco Art Institute.
 Russian Hill is located near the Upper Polk Street and North Beach neighborhoods, with Nob Hill to the South and the waterfront to the north. It offers a wide variety of wonderful … (2 comments)

living in san francisco: San Francisco City Chorus - Concerts March 28 and 30, 2014 - 02/26/14 12:00 AM
"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"
Come listen to the music makers and dreamers of dreams of the San Francisco City Chorus as they once again present a concert for our enjoyment, performing" Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda" by Gustav Holst and "The Music Makers" by Edward Elgar.
Two performances:
Friday March 28, 2014 8:00 PM in San Francisco Sunday March 30, 2014 3:00 PM in Oakland
Conducted by Larry Marietta, the San Francisco City Chorus has been part of the San Francisco experience since 1979, bringing together a group of talented … (4 comments)

living in san francisco: Showcasing a view from a San Francisco home - 02/18/14 12:34 AM
When I list a house for sale, helping to capture the feeling of the home is kept top of mind when I write ad copy, write blog posts about the property, when meeting with my professional photographers, and when I take pictures of my own.
My Samsung Galaxy SIII has a panorama feature which I've been playing with. Not only does it help me take better shots of interior rooms but it's excellent at capturing views. Take a look:
This first picture is a regular shot, cropped some at top & bottom only

Now take a look at the panorama, … (17 comments)

living in san francisco: A Glimpse of San Francisco-a Victorian House in Pacific Heights - 01/28/14 01:05 AM
Walking and hiking in San Francisco is a love of mine, and one I enjoy many times a week. Each neighborhood is unique, with its fun, beautiful, surprising characteristics. As I walk about, I often snap pictures of a building, a garden, a park, a view, happy dogs, or whatever strikes my fancy.
I enjoy sharing glimpses of the neighborhoods in San Francisco. This week, as I was jogging across Pacific Heights, the beauty of this Victorian House, tucked between larger condominiums and apartment buildings, made me pause.
Its obviously a well-loved and well-cared for home. Located across the street … (15 comments)

living in san francisco: Off-leash dog parks in San Francisco - 01/27/14 12:51 AM
As I write this in January, much of the country is freezing (literally) and certainly not thinking about off-leash dog parks, but in San Francisco the story is quite different. Off-leash dog parks are enjoyed year round in San Francisco.
(Tanner-heading to the park to play)
At last count, the City of San Francisco has 28 off-leash dog areas, where well-behaved pooches can romp and play with others. These are scattered throughout the various neighborhoods in San Francisco.
Of course, there are some rules to be followed, including:
Dogs must be controlled to avoid destructive behavior and excessive barking Vaccinations and licenses must be … (8 comments)





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