market trends: San Mateo, Santa Clara counties-what's the market like? - 06/18/19 08:33 PM
We've been sensing a change in the real estate markets in many of our local towns in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, the counties south of San Francisco that make up the Silicon Valley. Not every property listed gets multiple offers; not every property sees sale prices far exceeding list prices, although both of those occur regularly.
We all have anecdotal stories, but let's take a look at the data from our Multiple Listing Service.
This first chart shows closed sales of single family homes in San Mateo County for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 to date.
Next, we'll take a look at a … (5 comments)

market trends: Market Trends on the San Francisco Peninsula - 01/20/18 09:21 AM
"If we buy this place for 900k now, How much do you think we should be able to sell it for in say 2019, or 2020?I understand the future is uncertain, just asking for your estimate." Questions of this type often are asked by buyers In our high-cost area. They are, naturally, a bit shell-shocked by prices and concerned about the future. Not only does appreciation vary from town to town, it varies between single family homes and condos/townhouses. It varies in different price points. To give this particular buyer some idea of what he might expect, based on the past since we can't … (11 comments)

market trends: "Lottie, thanks for the update!....." - 02/06/16 03:08 AM
"Lottie, Thanks for the update! The real estate market is still crazy. I am glad we bought [street name] the time we did (even thought it sounded crazy at that time).  This neighborhood is great! We are loving it here. :)
[signed]"   "Dear [buyer], I'm always glad to hear buyers are loving where they bought--it's such an intimidating process with prices so high. Victory to the bold of heart! Lottie"   This early morning email exchange was delightful and started my weekend off on just the right note.   Keeping my buyers in the know about the real estate market in … (26 comments)

market trends: Homes for sale in Belmont, CA, 94002 - 01/23/16 01:34 AM
Belmont, California is a sought after community in San Mateo County. San Francisco is a short drive to the north, the Silicon Valley an equally short distance to the south, and the Pacific ocean is just minutes away. Excellent schools, a great climate and the beauty of the hills all combine to make Belmont a highly-desired community in which to live.
Houses are in short supply, making it imperative that buyers have an Realtor® to represent their interests, and be prepared to move quickly when a property becomes available. Today, there are only 7 homes listed for sale on our Multiple Listing … (2 comments)

market trends: I sense a change in the air -- and it's not rain - 10/14/15 01:24 PM
I sense a change--and it's not the much-needed rain we've been awaiting.
For buyers in our San Francisco Peninsula area and the Silicon Valley, it might be just as welcome as rain. It's not a flood, nor a steady downpour. It's not widespread. Just a sprinkle.
But ---I've seen a few recent condo sales with the sale price at or slightly below asking.
I've noticed this primarily in the City of San Mateo, but it isn't isolated to just that town.
This isn't dramatic, and it's too early to tell if it's the start of El Niño or just an isolated sprinkle, but … (8 comments)

market trends: What's happening in the condo/townhouse market? - 01/26/15 12:07 AM
In much of San Mateo County, prices for single-family homes surged in 2014. What about the market in those same towns for condos and townhouses?
Here's a glimpse of 2014 in selected towns on the Peninsula:

Let's look at the first four towns listed here and see what's happening at the beginning of 2015:
San Mateo: 21 Active listings, with a high of $2,688,000 for an ultra-luxury 4-bedroom, 4.5 bath unit and a low of $329,000 for a rare studio. 10 listings closed escrow since 1/1/15, at a median price of $684,000. Belmont: only 2 active listings, average price around … (3 comments)

market trends: The Active Rain Realtor Nationwide Survey about my area of California - 05/23/10 05:56 AM
The real estate market in San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley--what's going on? My phone is ringing. Emails are arriving. Neighbors stop me in stores to ask questions and share their needs.
The buyers are an eclectic bunch:
first-time buyers, FHA approved searching for a single-family home in the $500,000 range -- tough market for them single woman, will be a first-time buyer, at the beginning stages of the home buying process, trying to decide what makes sense for her -- our first meeting is tomorrow move-up buyers -- they each own a townhouse, are now married and looking to … (2 comments)





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