presidio: Memorial Day 2019, Presidio of San Francisco - 05/26/19 08:42 AM
Monday, May 27, 2019 is Memorial Day. Join the Presidio Trust at the Presidio to honor those who have given their lives while in the armed services. Here's a link to activities on Monday.
Located at the top of the cemetery, high on the hill, one finds this poignant poem which I read often as I hike in the area. I usually re-post it every Memorial Day. I hope you find it as meaningful as I do.
The Young Dead Soldiers, by Archibald MacLeish
The young dead soldiers do not speak.
Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses:
who has not heard them?
They have a … (18 comments)

presidio: The Presidio of San Francisco - tree lighting ceremony 12/7/18 - 11/27/18 07:01 AM
'Tis the season for tree lighting ceremonies. In San Francisco the trees have been lit at Huntington Square atop Nob Hill. A tree at Ghiradelli Square has been decorated and lights turned on.
If you missed those events, or if you simply love the joy and festivity of tree lighting ceremonies, here's one not to miss, in the beautiful Presidio of San Francisco.
Date and Time: Friday, 12/7/18, 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Location: Main Post, Lincoln Blvd and Funston Avenue, San Francisco
Cost: FREE
Join the group at the Main Post, across from the Presidio Community Y. Light the tree, sing holiday classics along with the … (32 comments)

presidio: Just Hanging Around - Weekend Whimsy - 07/28/18 09:01 PM
Just hanging around ....looks like this soldier's enjoying some leisure time.
Next time you're enjoying leisure time at The Presidio in San Francisco, take a look at this cardboard art hanging near the registration desk at The Lodge at the Presidio. Located on the main parade ground, near the Disney Family Museum. 

presidio: Thanksgiving Day - and the gratitude continues - 11/22/17 09:50 PM
Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2017. Much of the month has been focused on thankfulness and gratitude. Today is no exception, and my gratitude today is two-fold;
First, I'll mention that I'm thankful for the robust YMCA programs here in San Francisco. As part of my return to top notch health, I have just joined the "Y" and have made the Presidio YMCA my home branch, where I'll be heading several times a week.
On Monday I joined an Adaptive Strength program, which is a great hour-long class for general all-round fitness--cardio, weights, mat work and stretching.
This morning of Thanksgiving Day I'm off to explore … (19 comments)

presidio: Wordless Wednesday - contemplation - 08/02/17 09:58 AM

One of my (many) favorite pictures, this was taken a couple of years ago on an evening hike in San Francisco.
Here my friend and yoga teacher, Nicole, does a perfect tree pose balanced on a wall at Immigrant Point in the Presidio, overlooking the Pacific Ocean just west of the Golden Gate. On the wall are inscribed the words from a speech President Wilson gave on July 4, 1914:
"We opened the gates to all the world and said: 'Let all men who want to be free come to us and they will be welcome.'  " ... Woodrow Wilson

presidio: The Young Dead Soldiers - a poem - 05/27/17 12:13 PM
For Information on 2017 Memorial Day Activities at San Francisco's Presidio, check out the blog post. 
Almost every year I re-post the following poem which is engraved on a marker near the top of the National Cemetery in San Francisco's Presidio.
Read on and see if it is as meaningful to you as it is to me:
Memorial Day in San Francisco
The Presidio in San Francisco is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area It is also is home to one of our national cemeteries. When exploring the Presidio, hiking or running on the trails, slow your pace when you near the National Cemetery, … (8 comments)

presidio: "We opened the gates to all the world...." - 12/27/15 09:37 AM
"We opened the gates to all the world and said: 'Let all men who want to be free come to us and they will be welcome.'  " ... Woodrow Wilson

Etched in stone on the top of the wall at Immigrant Point in San Francisco's Presidio, you'll find this quote of Woodrow Wilson's. Re-affirming our country's dedication to freedom, this statement was part of Wilson's Address at Independence Hall on July 4, 1914 on "The Meaning of Liberty."
Early morning, late afternoon, at sunset - each time of day casts it's spell. Here you'll see bicyclists, motorists, hikers and trail runner; tourists and … (11 comments)

presidio: Merry Christmas--but no more Christmas lights - 12/25/15 11:06 AM
Merry Christmas to my Active Rain family of friends. It sure was tempting to take more pictures today of some fabulous mansions in Presidio Heights and Pacific Heights with their gleaming Christmas decorations! But, I promised no more this year.
So---instead, I'm sharing a couple of pictures I took on Gene and my annual Christmas Day hike. When we lived in San Carlos for all those years, we would hike at Edgewood County Park every Christmas. Since moving to San Francisco, our annual hike is about 7 miles, from our house, across the Presidio to Immigrant Point overlooking the Pacific Ocean and … (17 comments)

presidio: Visiting Mountain Lake Park, San Francisco - 06/06/15 12:09 AM
Located just inside the southern edge of The Presidio you'll find Mountain Lake and adjacent Mountain Lake Park.
This was the destination for our urban hike at the end of the afternoon yesterday, a beautiful walk of about 3 miles from Van Ness Avenue, along the crest of Pacific Heights to the eastern edge of the Presidio, past the mansions of Presidio Heights and the lovely Juius Kahn Playground and the Presidio Golf Course.
Mountain Lake Trail meanders along the shoreline of the lake, with playgrounds, picnic areas, dog play area and a Par Course off to the southern side.
Mountain Lake … (8 comments)

presidio: Active Rain Meet Up - San Francisco Style - 05/13/15 10:36 AM
San Francisco Active Rain Meet Up, Wednesday, May 13, 2015
(left to right: Rob Spinosa, David Ames, Chris Hansen, Lottie Kendall, Mike Young, Jim Patton, Reagan Lee)
The Presidio Social Club was the venue, and made a fine place to meet for lunch and talk. Located in the beautiful San Francisco Presidio, there's even parking available for the low price of --- get this -- $2.40 for 2 hours! (That's unheard of here in San Francisco where parking is at a premium.)
By 1:30-ish business demands ended the get-together for most. Rob scooted back to Marin County; David to a sign off; Mike returning … (31 comments)

presidio: Will it Rain in San Francisco Today? - 01/10/14 12:24 PM
Rain is finally likely in San Francisco. It's not here yet, but we're hopeful.
2013 was one of the driest years on record, and 2014 is starting out in a worrisome fashion. We have had no rain in many weeks. The air quality has been impacted. The water content in our minuscule snow pack in the Sierra Nevadas is low. Reservoirs throughout the state are at low levels, levels like 27% and 40% of normal. Municipalities are beginning to implement water-conserving measures (but that's the topic for another time.)
When wispy clouds started floating across the sky Friday afternoon, and I learned … (15 comments)





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