san mateo county: How has the pandemic affected San Mateo County real estate? - 07/10/20 12:14 PM
How has the pandemic affected San Mateo County real estate?
With all the uncertainty in the financial markets as well as real estate not being considered an essential service for many weeks, it's interesting to take a look at these statistics.
The Infographic above shows June 2020 compared to May 2020 for both single family homes and condos. Prices are up, and number of listings are up, for both homes and condos. Days on market hover around the one-month mark for both, signs of a strong sellers' market.
The two charts below break the county stats into towns. Without a doubt we live … (14 comments)

san mateo county: Real estate questions people are asking today - 05/27/20 04:11 PM
"I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this on the mind, but the whole lockdown situation has got me and [XXXXX] thinking about upgrading to a place with a bit more space of our own. Something with a backyard, and not so near to our neighbors."
"Do offers with contingencies about selling an existing house ever get accepted?"
"Are homes still generally going for more than their asking price? Do they still sell almost immediately"
These are all questions I received from home owners in the last 3 days. You might have similar questions, or other real estate questions or concerns. … (16 comments)

san mateo county: San Mateo County Parks Open Once Again - 05/15/20 10:20 PM
Our abundant open space preserves and park lands are a huge attraction to living on the San Francisco Peninsula. It's not hard to realize how happy hundreds, if not thousands, of residents were when parks were opened again last week, on May 4, -- with precautions.
One of the wisest choices park administrators made was to designate some of the narrow hiking trails, where keeping 6' distance isn't feasible, as one-way.
On Thursday I had real estate business to attend to in San Mateo County, so took advantage while I was there to get my exercise by stopping by Huddart County Park, in the … (18 comments)

san mateo county: There is a harmony in autumn.... - 11/03/19 07:47 AM

"There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen."   ...Percy Bysshe Shelley
I am definitely not the only one whose favorite season of the year is autumn.
Buyers and sellers can use these autumn days to finalize their year-end real estate goals.
There is still time for buyers to get into contract and close in time to enjoy the December holidays in their new home and avoid the January competitiveness.
A seller who chooses to sell now will avoid the extra competition of many new listings that we typically see … (32 comments)

san mateo county: ADU Resource Fair for San Mateo County homeowners - 10/02/19 09:16 PM
I have written about ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) before and how the State of California has streamlined the process to building them, smoothing out the bumps.
Now, the City of San Mateo and the City of Redwood City, have joined forces and are presenting the second unit/ADU resource fair which is a FREE event to help San Mateo County residents get the information they need to building a second unit.
When:   Sunday, October 13, 2019, 1:00-5:00PM
Where: Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94061
What the program includes: Drop in any time, meet over 25 architects, builders, lenders and … (18 comments)

san mateo county: Market Snapshot for San Mateo County, CA - 2019 - 09/18/19 07:17 PM
Not infrequently I am asked, "how's the market?" Occasionally the question is, "are we heading into a recession?"
In order to properly answer questions like those I turn to data (as well as anecdotal stories such as this one) I start with county data, then drill down to towns, neighborhoods, types of property, and general price ranges, property sizes, etc.
I work in three counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, with the balance in the Silicon Valley towns of Santa Clara County. While all are strong markets the data varies widely.
I reported recently on … (18 comments)

san mateo county: San Mateo County Real Estate Activity - Update Q2 2019 - 09/04/19 07:20 PM
While real estate activity in some parts of the country is beginning to soften, I don't see signs of that in most of the market segments in San Mateo County, California.
Not only is San Mateo County home to a number of bio-tech firms and established firms like Oracle and United Airlines, it also home to four of LinkedIn's 2019 top ranked startups. Located between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley helps keep unemployment low and home sales strong.
Take a look at these two charts which take a close look at two important metrics, median home prices and days on market by city.
These charts give … (15 comments)

san mateo county: San Mateo, Santa Clara counties-what's the market like? - 06/18/19 08:33 PM
We've been sensing a change in the real estate markets in many of our local towns in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, the counties south of San Francisco that make up the Silicon Valley. Not every property listed gets multiple offers; not every property sees sale prices far exceeding list prices, although both of those occur regularly.
We all have anecdotal stories, but let's take a look at the data from our Multiple Listing Service.
This first chart shows closed sales of single family homes in San Mateo County for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 to date.
Next, we'll take a look at a … (5 comments)

san mateo county: FAQ: "There's no inventory out there. Any insights? - 03/26/19 08:56 PM
One of the most frustrating situations we deal with day in and day out in our high-cost area is lack of inventory. The question from a client, "there's no inventory out there. Any insights?" is one I hear quite often.  My response to this client went something like this: Our low inventory certainly is a problem. You've seen the result--small homes needing a lot of updating/remodeling selling very high and very quickly, usually in a mater of days.  One example: a house in one of our Peninsula towns closed last week. Listed at $1,399,000, it sold for $1,610,000 in 8 days, with 14 … (55 comments)

san mateo county: Inter-county migration in the San Francisco Bay Area - 02/27/19 07:54 PM
The analysts at Compass continue to compile interesting statistics regarding housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The more I know and the better I understand trends, the better able I am to be a resource and help to my clients.
The figures below show recent inter-county migration trends based in the U.S. census "Flows Mapper" covering the period 2012-2016. I've included the 3 areas in which I work, San Francisco, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. 
Based on my experience and knowledge of where my own clients go and come from, I am not surprised. Much of the outflow to Alameda and Contra Costa … (15 comments)

san mateo county: Housing Affordability in CA's Most Expensive Counties - 02/20/19 08:13 PM
Twenty-eight percent of California households could afford the median-priced home in the fourth quarter of 2018, down slightly from the same time in 2017.
However, California's four million-dollar housing markets--San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin and Santa Clara Counties all saw affordability improve year over year.
(interior of a house in San Mateo County)
All four California counties where it takes seven figures to buy a home can be found in the Bay Area, and they were all among the 10 in the state that saw housing affordability increase from the fourth quarter of 2017.
The California Association of Realtors’ latest Housing Affordability Index says that 28 … (8 comments)

san mateo county: Luxury Home Market, San Mateo County & Silicon Valley - 02/07/19 06:31 PM
Patrick Carlisle, Compass' Chief Market Analyst for the San Francisco Bay Area digs deep into market stats to enable us help you understand our local real estate market better than from just reading headlines about nationwide trends.
One of his reports that caught my eye today was his Luxury Home Market Report for San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley.
You can read the entire report here. It's interesting to see which local cities had sales over $3,000,000, which is the defining luxury home market price here. Los Altos Hills lead the way; San Carlos has 2 reported. I know of at least one $3,000,000 … (8 comments)

san mateo county: Market Trends on the San Francisco Peninsula - 01/20/18 09:21 AM
"If we buy this place for 900k now, How much do you think we should be able to sell it for in say 2019, or 2020?I understand the future is uncertain, just asking for your estimate." Questions of this type often are asked by buyers In our high-cost area. They are, naturally, a bit shell-shocked by prices and concerned about the future. Not only does appreciation vary from town to town, it varies between single family homes and condos/townhouses. It varies in different price points. To give this particular buyer some idea of what he might expect, based on the past since we can't … (11 comments)

san mateo county: Edgewood County Park-peace for a worrisome week - 09/08/17 01:17 PM
Today is Friday and I'm finding my mind is racing in circles. Lots of real estate tasks yet to do this week; documents and disclosures to scan and upload; emails to send; bills to pay and accounts to update; work-related blog posts to write.
I'm showing delightful buyers of mine a house tonight in Belmont (my gut tells me this is the house they will buy -- keep those thoughts flowing!) so am taking a bit of time now to relax.
This is a week when many of us need a respite from worry - so many wild fires, floods, hurricanes, big earthquake last … (3 comments)

san mateo county: Real Estate Report - Silicon Valley and San Mateo County - 01/26/17 03:34 PM
As we near the end of January, there's not much more inventory in San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley than there was at the lowest point of the year, right before the December holidays.
Take a look at the chart for examples of active inventory in various towns as of 1/19/17:
I've been out on several pre-listing appointments this week, and finding comparable sales has been a struggle; in most cases I need to go back at least 6 months in order to get just 4 or 5 comps.
Take a look at San Carlos, for example. This is a city with a … (12 comments)

san mateo county: What to do while waiting for the storm to come - 01/08/17 08:50 PM
(Redwood City, as seen from Edgewood County Park. Photo credit: Grace)
Beginning last Friday, the "storm of the decade" was expected to hit the San Francisco Bay Area. So what does one do while waiting for the storm that hasn't yet arrived? If you live and work in San Mateo County, heading to ones favorite County Park or Open Space Preserve might be the answer.
That's what my granddaughter, husband and I did Friday afternoon - hiked the somewhat muddy trails at Edgewood County Park. 
She took some great photos (like the 2 here) and had great patience and fun with watching the busy little guy in … (10 comments)

san mateo county: Bracing for the storm.... - 01/07/17 11:26 AM
Northern California is finally getting rain, lots of rain, much needed rain, welcome rain. 
(photo credit: Grace K. Afternoon sky above Edgewood County Park)
We're also getting big storm warnings. Yosemite Valley has been closed to all visitors this weekend as the Merced River is expected to flood. Communities in and near San Francisco are distributing sand bags to residents in efforts to keep water out of stores and homes. The pier in Pacifica is closed; coastal bluffs are being watched carefully for signs of collapse.
While intermittent light rain has fallen in San Francisco during the night and morning hours, the wind has … (15 comments)

san mateo county: "Help! My daughter has been given notice to vacate" - 09/03/16 01:24 AM
'Please help! My daughter has been in her apartment for [many, many] years, and now the owner plans to sell and has given notice to vacate to all the tenants. She can't find a rental that she can afford.'
From time to time I'll get a call like this, which is heart wrenching. Our area is a high cost area, with high rental prices and low vacancy rates. My response:
"Thank you for calling me yesterday, xxxxxx. I appreciate the trust you have put in me. 
I have done a search on available rental listings, and as I suspected, there is nothing close to … (27 comments)

san mateo county: Are we starting to see a market shift? - 06/22/16 03:19 AM
The residential real estate market in San Mateo County and the Silicon Valley has been strongly favoring sellers since 2012-2013.
Since then prices have risen dramatically, multiple offers have been the norm on almost every listing (except the extreme high end), and buyers outnumber available homes by a wide margin.
This last month, however, I've been wondering if a shift has begun, or is the market just taking a breath as summer arrives?
It's too early to tell, but these are some interesting numbers for single family homes that I pulled for my newsletter readers.
Notice how inventory in every city has grown since … (19 comments)

san mateo county: "Hi Lottie - This place is great" - 06/07/16 07:56 AM
This is what makes the long hours, the writing of numerous offers, the helping buyers deal with the disappointment of offers that were not accepted all worthwhile:
"Hi, Lottie,
The place is great!  I am now happy about losing those first offers, because thisplace is really perfect for me. I still have a lot of unpacking, decorating, arranging do, but there is no deadline. Everything works, I am OK with the commute, andI even like the wall colors.  :-)  And the walks or bike rides that I can take from my front door are going to be fantastic.  I've only met a … (16 comments)





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