summer in san francisco: Summer Fun in San Francisco-getting to know The Presidio - 07/23/19 04:26 PM
Getting to know The Presidio in San Francisco is a year-round treat, but never more so than in summer. 
My top 5 summertime activities here include:
Learn some of the history. The Officer's club, open free of charge 6 days a week (closed Monday) has a wonderful small museum offering a glimpse of native American life in the area, early Spanish and Mexican life here, and when the Presidio was an active US Army post. You'll find art exhibits on the gallery walls, and a long-running exhibit, "Exclusion" detailing the Presidio's role in the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Sit for … (21 comments)

summer in san francisco: Summer fun in San Francisco; a park-friendly city - 07/18/19 07:51 AM
Did you know? Nearly every San Franciscan lives within a 10-minute walk to a park, per a study by The Trust for Public Land. They go on to report:
100% of the population served by city parks ("served" = within a 10-minute walk) 19.6% of the city is covered by park land 1.3 acres is the median park size $318.39 amount per capita spent on parks
Per their study of 100 largest cities in the country:
San Francisco ranks in the 96th percentile in dog parks 75th percentile in park bathrooms 71st percentile in basketball hoops 56th percentile in recreation and senior centers … (22 comments)

summer in san francisco: Summer in my home town, San Francisco - 06/08/16 02:58 AM
Debbie Laity has asked us to show our home for the summer.
I've been reading about temperatures in the southwest over 100 degrees; seen gorgeous flower blooms and green, green lawns. I've enjoyed them all.
Here are a few pictures of San Francisco in the summer, which I hope convey a bit of what summer in San Francisco feels like. As I walk around the city, I enjoy the views and the beautiful gardens. I'm challenged by staircases and explore little pedestrian streets. I stand atop windswept sand dunes and gaze at Golden Gate Park and the ocean beyond. On a warm evening, … (29 comments)





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