thankful: Grateful For Friends Who Enrich My Life - Week #1 - 11/06/19 07:28 PM
With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it is natural for us to reflect on all we have for which to be grateful. The challenge that Debe Maxwell is spearheading this month, the November 2019 Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge encourages us to share some of those thoughts with others, to spread the feeling and remind us just how fortunate we are.
Today I am thinking about friendships and how they enrich my life. As many of your know, I work as a Realtor both in San Francisco and on the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley.
Yesterday was a day spent primarily on the Peninsula, and it … (40 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving--thankful to be cancer free again - 11/22/17 08:05 AM
Twenty-four years after having my first bout with breast cancer, I was quite shocked in February to learn I had a second occurrence. 
In an instant, life changed and became a whirlwind of doctor appointments, tests, more tests, decisions to be made, action to be taken, treatment course to be planned. A diagnosis of cancer definitely takes over life for a bit, and keeping other facets of life moving forward is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.
With wonderful support of family and friends, I managed, and am now cancer free once again.
I'm Thankful:
for my family who went with me to … (85 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving - newsletters still generate calls - 11/21/17 04:22 PM
Today I woke feeling thankful for my early morning hike buddy and the morning hike we had in store; for my car that would safely get me to our trail head; for another great friend and client who often meets for breakfast after my hikes.
While I breakfasted, the phone rang. 10 minutes later my meeting broke up so I listened to the voice mail and then called back promptly,
" name is Judy, my cell phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx..... I'm calling in regard to my mom's house...we're not ready to sell now but will be in the future....would like an opinion on what … (15 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving-Thankful for new friends - 11/20/17 05:44 PM
Several days ago I wrote about being thankful for old friends; today I'm thinking about new friends, and how thankful I am for them. 
One never quite knows when first meeting someone who will become a friend, and how a friendship might progress.
One woman I chanced to meet at an exercise class some months ago has taken our acquaintance to another level. She now invites me to soirees that she arranges, and they are definitely something I enjoy. She knows the most interesting people, who speak on a variety of topics. 
Jean-Jacques Vitrac, featured in Brian Tracy's book, Driven, spoke one evening about … (7 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving--thankful for life in SF - 11/19/17 09:36 PM
I've enjoyed writing these Thankful posts this week leading up to Thanksgiving Day; the words flow as does the thankfulness.
Today I'm very aware of how much I enjoy living in San Francisco and how thankful I am for the many wonderful things here that bring joy and ease to my life.
This morning was the day all the time Rachael Kendall spent planning and organizing a birthday party for her sister at the Academy of Sciences came to fruition. We had a wonderful time with lots of fun, and VIP treatment at many of the popular exhibits like the Rain Forest, the earthquake … (14 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving-Thankful for my teenager - 11/18/17 07:50 PM
This evening I'm thinking of my teenage granddaughter and how thankful I am that she is who she is, and that we have enjoyed another day together.
At 9:00AM she was with me as a showed a rental listing to potential tenants. She made the little children feel at ease while I chatted with the parents.
Next, we headed to the SPCA in Burlingame, where we volunteer in the TLC dog program. We visit the dogs in their dorms, cuddle, pat, and chat with them. My granddaughter loves animals and because of that, I now have an opportunity to try something new and learn new … (13 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving - the ever-changing view - 11/15/17 07:56 AM
The first thing my husband and I noticed about our condo when we were looking for our San Francisco home was the view. Then all the other attributes of this complex came into play; they were right for us, but it was the view that sold us.
I start most mornings sitting in the living room, coffee in hand, focusing on gratefulness. I watch night slowly give way to day, see the ships glide into and out of San Francisco Bay, look at Mt. Tamalpais, Angel Island and Tiburon, or enjoy the fog on the bay or enveloping the neighborhood.
We watch the … (17 comments)

thankful: Countdown to Thanksgiving -- smooth real estate deals - 11/13/17 07:20 PM
As we approach Thanksgiving it's easy to focus on things for which we are thankful, things both large and small.
Today I am focused on being thankful for smooth real estate transactions.
Last month I listed two condos for sale in the City of San Carlos, one a one-bedroom condo, the other a 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit. Both listings sold with multiple offers and nicely over asking. 
In both cases the buyers were ready and anxious; in both cases the selling agents were good, on the ball, and communicated delightfully well. In both cases the lenders came through as promised, after keeping us informed along … (1 comments)

thankful: Day 10 - thankful for family and friends - 11/24/16 06:58 AM
Today wraps up Debbie Reynolds' 10-day Thanksgiving Post Challenge and I must say I've enjoyed reading some wonderful posts. No matter who we are, the common thread is being thankful for life, for health, for love, for family, for friends, for our business. 
Reading about some of the little things like being thankful for cookies and car keys have added pleasure, too.
Today, Thanksgiving Day, I did what I do every morning--sit on the couch in our living room, in the dark, cup of coffee in hand, and look out over the city, giving thanks. I don't force the gratitude to come, or script … (24 comments)

thankful: Day 9 - thankful for modern medicine - 11/23/16 08:34 AM
As some of you might remember, about 1-1/2 years ago my husband had major spine surgery. After receiving amazing support from Facebook and other friends, I wrote a bit about his surgery and recovery in a post, "Adjusting one's sails, in business and in life."
He has recovered well, and while adjustments have been made, they are quite acceptable ones to us -- a long hike might be 8-10 miles now, pain medication is still needed, but it's over-the-counter ibuprofen and it's effective. In short, he is once again enjoying life; working, playing, exploring, and planning for the future.
I'm truly thankful … (16 comments)

thankful: Day 6 - thankful for living in a kind-hearted City - 11/20/16 03:57 PM
Today I've been feeling especially thankful to be living in a City that has heart, a City full of people ready to be a positive force of good.
I've written before about the yoga sessions that are offered, on a donation basis, at Grace Cathedral almost every Tuesday evening. These are attended by 500-600 people each week (no typo, five hundred to six hundred people). Donations are requested from those who can, and those who can't are welcomed just as warmly.
Last week many of these weekly participants came together for a special fund-raiser, Yoga for Change SF. Candle light Yoga was taught … (19 comments)

thankful: Day 5 -- thankful for the joys of autumn - 11/19/16 12:40 AM
Autumn has long been my favorite season of the year, and I'm thankful for it.
Here in coastal California, we typically have warm, sunny days, interspersed with an occasional light rain. The sun feels gentle on the skin, not searing and burning, and the rain gives promise of renewal, as it slowly turns our golden hillsides green with fresh grass, and leaf-fall in the forests leaves a lovely mosaic of color on the trails. Vineyards turn a red, or orange or yellow, depending on the variety.
Here the color of autumn is gentle in nature, but spectacularly brilliant garden specimen trees, pumpkin … (14 comments)

thankful: Thankful for ..... - 11/15/16 09:30 AM
Today, I'm thankful for the nearby redwood forests which provide wonderful, contemplative hiking opportunities for those of us fortunate enough to live in this area. These photos were taken on Sunday when my husband went for a 10-mile hike at Purissima Creek Open Space Preserve in San Mateo County, California.

The quietude of the forest, replete with ferns, banana slugs, burbling creeks and fresh air gives us an opportunity to be aware of our surroundings without taking them for granted. The gentle colors of autumn are just right for this time of year, and lead us deeper into the redwoods.





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