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"I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this on the mind, but the whole lockdown situation has got me and [XXXXX] thinking about upgrading to a place with a bit more space of our own. Something with a backyard, and not so near to our neighbors.""Do offers with contingencies about selling an exis...
This morning, Ron and Alexandra Seigel posted the most adorable photo and described what has become a Saturday morning routine for them. If you've missed their post, take a look here.While my Saturday morning routine doesn't take me past anything quite as adorable, it is a pleasure to me nonethel...
After over 9 weeks of Shelter-in-Place, finding joy and happiness in the simple pleasures of life have taken on a new importance for many of us.Slowly, prudently, more park lands in our area are open. This picture of a friend at Edgewood County Park in San Mateo County expresses complete joy in t...
Our abundant open space preserves and park lands are a huge attraction to living on the San Francisco Peninsula. It's not hard to realize how happy hundreds, if not thousands, of residents were when parks were opened again last week, on May 4, -- with precautions.One of the wisest choices park ad...
Current Shelter-in-Place regulations certainly put a different spin on this Mother's Day. Having to create new habits and new mindsets has advantages.This Mother's Day is a good example, and will go into my memory book as a delightful one, from start to finish.It began yesterday, with the arrival...
Earlier this week Lise Howe posted memories of her mother's cooking and requested that we share a recipe that our mothers cooked. Since reading that post, and with Mother's Day fast approaching, I've been thinking a lot about my mom.I have such fond memories of her and appreciate her more with ea...
Today many of us are cooking more than ever and trying new recipes. While I'm not going to share a recipe per se, I do have a product I recently discovered that you might enjoy: Vietnamese cinnamon.Vietnamese cinnamon has a brighter color than common cinnamon and a flavor reminiscent to the cinna...
Today is May 1. Perhaps it is appropriate that the new month brings with it a sense of imminent change.Beginning May 4 a cautious loosening in the Shelter-in-Place we've been living with since the middle of March will take place. A few more businesses will be allowed to open--construction, landsc...
"Finish each day and be donewith it. You have done whatyou could. Some blunders andabsurdities have crept in;forget them as soon as youcan. Tomorrow is a new day.You shall begin it serenely andwith too high a spirit to beencumbered with your oldnonsense." ~Emerson  I loved this quote when I read ...
As I walked the 5 blocks to Whole Foods this morning, I was thinking about all the many little things for which I am grateful during this unprecedented time of sheltering-in-place. First and foremost grateful to the medical staffs and essential workers taking care of us and our necessities and co...

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