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   Inspirational Power Quote   Be Busy or Be Productive   "It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The Mosquito is swatted."  Mary O'Connor     As I see it. . . . . . . . It's not a question on how busy you are, what is critical is how productive you are.  Be ...
    Motivational Power Quote   Our Light Shines the Brightest When Focused on Our Mission   "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."  Francis Bacon    As I see it. . . . . . . . Our light shines the brightest when we focus on our mission. Developing a clear and...
 Motivational Power Quote   We Achieve in Life What We Believe   "We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our hearts we deserve to have."  James R. Ball    As I see it. . . . . . . . We achieve in life what we believe.   Believing in ourselves is a choice. To achieve success we hav...
  Inspirational Power Quote   The Person With Hope Has Everything   "For he who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything."  Owen Arthur, former Prime Minster of Barbados    As I see it. . . . . . . . The person with hope has everything.   Hope is the expectation for our future as ...
   Motivational Power Quote   How We Approach Our Choices Makes the Difference   "Each man has a choice in life; He may approach it as a creator or critic, a lover or hater,  a giver or a taker."  Author unknown    As I see it. . . . . . . . Making the most of our choices and how we approach thos...
  Inspirational Power Quote   The Secret of Persuading Others . . .   "One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears - by listening to them."  Dean Rusk, US Secretary of State 1961 - 1969    As I see it. . . . . . . . The secret of persuading others is . . . to persuade the other pers...
   Motivational  Power Quote   Push Through the Pain to Achieve Your Full Potential   "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."  Roger Bannister, English Olympic athlete, runner    As I see it. . . . . . . . Pushing through the pain is the diffe...
   Inspirational Power Quote   We Are Personally Responsible For What We Do "Personal responsibility begins with ME. That's why it personal."  Jim Miller    As I see it. . . . . . . . We are personally responsible for what we do.   Our actions are under our control.   Each of our decisions and ac...
Motivational Power Quote   We are Personally Responsible for What We Do "Personal responsibility begins with ME. That's why it's personal."  Jim Miller    As I see it. . . . . . . . We are personally responsible for what we do. Our actions are under our control.  Each of our decisions and actions...
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