sale: Your Inner Strength Will Keep You Pushing Forward - 12/13/17 04:42 PM
Your Inner Strength Will Keep You Pushing Forward
“The man who can drive himself further
once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”
 Roger Bannister, English Olympic Athlete, Runner, The First
Runner to Run the Sub-Four Minute Mile in the 1952 Olympics
                             Speaker, Trainer and Author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Your inner strength will keep you pushing forward
Pushing forward through the pain of the difficulties is the difference between becoming a person who is an achiever . . . . and a person who is … (26 comments)

sale: Anger Will Distort . . . . Your Thinking - 10/09/16 06:29 AM
Anger Will Distort . . . . Thinking
“Anger will distort your thinking . . . . and
cloud your decision making.”
Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant,
Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
As I see it . . . . . . . .
Anger will distort . . . . . your thinking
Anger will distort . . . . your thinking . . . . and cloud your decision making.
Anger will cause you to over react to the situation . . . . make spur of the moment decisions that you will later regret.  It will be very likely that you will end … (19 comments)

sale: The Resource of Time - 09/03/16 01:00 PM
The Resource of Time
“A moment comes into your . . . . just one time. You can
 make the most out of your moment . . . . or you can
 waste it. You make the choice how to use your
 moments. In those moments you choose make
to make your moments a resource . . . . or
you can choose to let them slip away.
Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant,
Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
As I see it . . . . . . . .
The resource of time
The best thing that you can do with your time . . . … (7 comments)

sale: Take . . . . the First Step - 02/22/16 11:42 AM
Take . . . . the First Step
“Throughout the centuries, there were men who took
 the first step, down new roads, armed with
nothing but their own vision.”
Ayn Rand 1905 – 1982, Russian Born Novelist,
Philosopher, Playwright and Screenwriter
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Take . . . . the first step
When you have a vision that burns brightly in your heart . . . . and mind the vision becomes yours to achieve. Once that vision becomes yours . . . . you have to take the first step to turn that vision into a reality.
The first … (8 comments)

sale: Keep Your Composer Under Pressure - 11/12/15 10:48 AM
Keep Your Composer Under Pressure
“Pressure makes diamonds.”
General George Patton 1885- 1945, General U.S. Army
As I see it . . . . . . .
Keep your composer under pressure
You are very much like a diamond . . . . and your true self will be forged under the pressures in life.
At one time or another you will come under . . . . some form of pressure some being very intense . . . . and some just in passing.
Your life . . . . will be forged under intense pressure. How you handle the intense pressures in your life . . … (6 comments)

sale: Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat - 08/15/15 03:18 PM
Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat
“There is a time when we must firmly choose the course
we will follow, or relentless drift of events
will make the decision for us.”
Herbert Prochnow 1897 – 1998, U.S. Banking Executive
As I see it . . . . . . .
Put yourself in the driver’s seat
There comes a time in your life that you have to make a choice. Do you follow the path of your choosing . . . . Or do you follow the path that someone chooses for you?
When you pick your own path you have . . . . a … (13 comments)

sale: Focus on Doing What’s Important - 08/09/15 08:16 AM
Focus on Doing What’s Important
“Where you are headed is more important then how
fast your going. Rather than always focusing
on what’s urgent, learn to focus on
what is really important.”
 Stephen Covey 1932 - 2012, American Educator,
Business, Author, Keynote Speaker               
As I see it . . . . . . .
Focus on doing what’s important
The direction of your success journey . . . . is far more important than the pace of your journey. When you’re moving in the wrong direction . . . . and you’re doing it fast what’s the point. When you get to where your going … (7 comments)

sale: Make the Things You Want to Happen . . . . Happen - 08/07/15 07:27 AM
Make the Things You Want to Happen . . . .  Happen
“My father instilled in me that if you don’t see the
things happening the way you want them to,
you get of there and make them happen.”
 Susan Powter, Motivational Speaker, Nutritionist,
Personal Trainer, Author        
As I see it . . . . . . .
Make the things you want to happen . . . . Happen
Someone once said; if you want a fish . . . . catch it. If you want success go out . . . . and make it happen.
Very little worthwhile is ever handed to you . . . … (13 comments)

sale: Value Yourself and You’ll Value Your Time - 08/09/14 06:39 AM
Value Yourself and You’ll Value Your Time
“Until you value yourself, you will not value your time,
until you value your time, you will not do
anything with it.”
M. Scott Peck, Author  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Value yourself and you’ll value your time
Value yourself . . . . and you will value your time . . . . and treat your time as a precious resource.
Value the minutes in your day . . . . and the days in your life . . . . … (11 comments)

sale: It’s Within Your Power to Shape Your Future - 07/27/14 01:05 PM
It’s Within Your Power to Shape Your Future
“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things
in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your
struggles, and you are here and now with the power to shape
your day and your future.”
Steve Maraboli, American Bestselling Author,
As I see it . . . . . . .
It’s within your power to shape your future
You have the power . . . . in your hands . . . . and in your … (5 comments)

sale: You Get Stronger When You Look Fear in the Eye - 01/11/14 11:46 AM
You Get Stronger When You Look Fear in the Eye
“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each
experience in which we really stop to look fear in the
face . . . .  we must do that which we think we cannot.”
Eleanor Roosevelt 1884 -1902, Former First Lady
As I see it . . . . . . .
You get stronger when you look fear in the eye
Fear is nasty . . . . and can paralyze you in place . Fear can also prevent you from taking action … (2 comments)

sale: More People Talk Themselves Out of a Sale - 10/06/13 11:55 PM
Motivational Power Quote
More People Talk Themselves Out of a Sale
“Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet,
give themselves the benefit of doubt, and remain silent.”
Napoleon Hill 1883 – 1970, Motivational Author and
As I see it . . . . . . .
More people talk themselves out of a sale
It is far more likely that you will talk yourself out of a sale . . . . then to talk your way into a sale.
People like to buy things . . . … (2 comments)

sale: Parents Lead by Example - 02/11/13 08:42 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Parents Lead by Example  
“Example has more followers than reason.
We unconsciously imitate which please to the character
we most admire.”
Christian Nevell Bovee 1820 – 1904 American author, lawyer     
As I see it . . . . . . .
Parents lead by example
As children we follow the . . . . example of our parents.
Children will emulate the behavior of their parents in their daily actions. When you meet polite child you will find . . . . that their parents are polite as well.

sale: Forward Momentum - 10/02/11 03:58 AM
Motivational Power Quote
Forward Momentum
“One way to keep momentum going
is to have constantly greater goals.”
Michael Korda, novelist  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Forward momentum
Use your goals as milestones on your success journey and you’re able to measure your progress and in achieving your goals you create forward momentum. As you achieve one goal look to the horizon and set dead aim on your next target and goal. Set your aim on that goal and go after it with passion and keep your momentum going … (6 comments)

sale: Our Toughest Competition - 11/06/10 05:04 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Our Toughest Competition
"Our business in life is not to get ahead of others,
but to get ahead of ourselves -
to break our records,
to outstrip our yesterdays by our today."
Steward B. Johnson, author  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Our toughest competition   
We come face to face with the competition everyday of our lives. We face the competition every time that we look into the mirror; the competition is the competition of our mind.   
To achieve greatness in our lives we have to become better … (12 comments)

sale: Make a Lasting First Impression - 08/16/10 01:57 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Make a Lasting First Impression
"Never forget with every new customer,
you have only one chance . . . just one,
to make a first impression.
Plan it, make it all it can be;
create a wonderful memory
and you'll create a
customer for life."
Mac Anderson, founder of Simple Truth & Successories
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Make a lasting first impression  
The first several seconds of meeting a customer for the first time becomes critical. Within those several seconds the customer will make a decision that … (11 comments)

sale: The Seeds of Success - 08/01/10 03:18 AM
Motivational Power Quote
The Seeds of Success 
"Every failure brings with it the seed
of an equivalent success."
Napoleon Hill, author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
The seeds of success   
We plant the seeds of success when we have the courage to get up after a failure and to try again with renewed energy.  
Success is built on the ashes of adversity by the person who takes control of their circumstances. They will find a way to overcome them and turn their circumstances into opportunities.  
View your adversities as temporary conditions … (1 comments)

sale: How You Think About a Problem . . . . - 07/30/10 10:25 AM
Motivational Power Quote
How You Think About a Problem . . . .
"How you think about a problem
is more important than the problem it-self -
so away think positively."
Norman Vincent Peale, author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
How you think about a problem . . . . Makes all the difference  
The person that thinks a problem is overwhelming and not resolvable makes the problem not resolvable in their mind and in their actions.   
They will approach the problem with an attitude that the problem can not be … (4 comments)

sale: Persistence Makes The Difference - 07/27/10 01:54 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Persistence Makes The Difference    
"Persistence - not perfection,
is the key to success."
Angela Farley
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Persistence makes the difference  
A person that's persistence will stick it out when things become challenging; they will stay the course. Quitting will not be an option. 
A persistence person will view failure and setbacks as potholes on their success journey and understand that are only temporary distractions. They have the mental endurance to overcome them and continue to move in the direction of success.  
Persistence people strive … (4 comments)

sale: Ask and You Will Receive - 03/10/10 09:41 PM
Motivational Power Quote
Ask and You Will Receive
"If you are not moving closer to
what you want in sales or in life.
You probably aren't doing enough asking."
Jack Canfield, author
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Ask and you will receive   
Determine the things that you want to achieve and set your course to achieve them. 
To move closer to your goals you have to ask. 
Ask for the help that you'll need on your success journey to achieve your goals. 
Ask for the business … (11 comments)

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