crisis: Short Sales and The Current Administration - 04/30/09 01:57 AM
With the sweeping platform of liberal spend and tax programs that 10 generations cannot pay back, we are now faced with a constant stream of bank regulations that affect lenders, and will also affect us.
Fannie Mae is now condusting their own appraisals behind those the lender or servicer orders. Fannie takes its own seet time to get this done, too. This can stall an otherwise smooth short sale process, and cause a great deal o f anxiety for a buyer, which is where constant communication through the process with the buyer's agent is important.
States are changing the rules on … (0 comments)

crisis: We Have a New Design for Our Currency - 10/09/08 01:12 PM
With paulson and Bernanke at the wheel is it any wonder we should also have a new design on the currency, too?

Ohh, and as a reminder, Bill Clinton pushed 8 years very hard to make evefry American a homeowner, which is part of the reason for the mess we're in.

crisis: Bailout Blues - Have You Seen The Dow Today? - 10/06/08 04:13 AM
The bailout passed, and look at the good it did. The markets opened another 500 pints loawer, and continued to take a nose dive.
Is there something I have missed? Wasn't the bailout supposed to shore up the economy and restore market stabililty? Forgive me if I am skeptical, but so far I can see a return to 1987 levels for the Dow. In fact I have been saying the market would make a major correction for the last couple of years.
Sadly, we are approaching the 9500 level I thought we would floor at. however, it looks like confidience is … (0 comments)

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