politics: Chocolate Futures Sink on Bleak Halloween Forecast - 10/10/08 12:53 AM
Trick or Treat
source: Rocky Mtn News

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politics: Bailout Blues - Have You Seen The Dow Today? - 10/06/08 04:13 AM
The bailout passed, and look at the good it did. The markets opened another 500 pints loawer, and continued to take a nose dive.
Is there something I have missed? Wasn't the bailout supposed to shore up the economy and restore market stabililty? Forgive me if I am skeptical, but so far I can see a return to 1987 levels for the Dow. In fact I have been saying the market would make a major correction for the last couple of years.
Sadly, we are approaching the 9500 level I thought we would floor at. however, it looks like confidience is … (0 comments)

politics: Should Fannie and Freddie be Bailed Out? - 09/08/08 07:09 AM
Just Like the boy whocreid wolf, banks and investmetn firms are crying "Baiolout!" and they are crying loudly. The Fed is listening, and instead of asking "Why jump?," whne the banks tell them to do so, is saying, "HOW HIGH?" the truth is this jump call, isn' tjust being made by Fannie Mae. It's "kissin' cousin"
Freddie Mac  who seems no less bent on getting some of that "free" Treasury money. Yep, the Fed, which is not a government entity, but a private banking corporation is behaving like United Airlines, and Bear Stearns Who now have their platinum parachute firmly and … (2 comments)

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