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This blog will center on various opportunities in the Front Range of Colorado for people to maintain and acquire value in their real estate transactions. You are welcome to post your thoughts and wuestions, too. the only requirement is that you keep it polite and clean. Don't say something in anger, berate or "cuss" on this blog. There is no second chance on that point. My goal here is to help you, and build a place where we can all have some real fun with real estate.
For those of you who didn't ready the 450 page rescue bill, you should have. I did, and it is full of  lot of things that will in no way help the public get affordable housing, or defcent loans. What we the People have done is to allow the government to grow more cumbersome at our children and gr...
The measure to rescue private industry was defeated. There are a lot of emotions around this issue, to be sure, and these are running high. We are in an election year, and this further exascerbates the issue. The leaders in the House and Senate showed their true colors today, and although the mea...
I have been on another legendary rading binge. I currently have 8 titles going at once, and finished three others. One of these, loaned ot me by a friend was from Strategic Coach, and is titled Unique Ability. It was a good title to read, and helped me take a look at the things I do, take a self0...
Just Like the boy whocreid wolf, banks and investmetn firms are crying "Baiolout!" and they are crying loudly. The Fed is listening, and instead of asking "Why jump?," whne the banks tell them to do so, is saying, "HOW HIGH?" the truth is this jump call, isn' tjust being made by Fannie Mae. It's ...
This is probaly going to get me in trouble with everyone. I am treading into tempestuous and contentious waters. But the question is important, or i would not ask it. National elections are a change in command and this "changing of the guard" is something that I can see having a profound effect o...
  Today, whether due to a change in the biological clock, or finishing the process of my son's college send-off, I had one of those rare moments where two dissimilar things have a similar outcome. I was struck oddly by the thought of attachments, to things and to people which become unhealthy. I ...
The Value of Mobility For Real Estate and Mortgage  Professionals Have you truly considered the real value of mobility for your offce? For those f you just starting out, this is an important consideration. A desktop in an office may seem the perfect solution to one of the higher costs of operatin...
I'm not sure how this is affecting your business, but it is something i am looking at. With fuel prices shooting from $3 to $4 I am a lot more careful about when I drive to preview or show. I work to control costs, and this is a cost that is important to control. Last year I still covered 10 coun...
  We have the Freddy, Fannie, IndyMac bank issue. We have former CountryWide bank officials pouring their guilty hearts out on MSNBC to tell us they wrote "liar loans." There is widespread pandemonium in the markets, as everyone everywhere is trying to make a quick buck. there is trouble reaching...
It is Independence Day, and I get to enjoy the scenery in beautiful Purgatory, Colorado. I worked like a dog on my aircard during the drive here, and the last day and a half of our stay, never failing to get in touch with important business, making sure things stayed on track. I will write severa...

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