julie booth: Ooopsie, This Contractor Has Filed for Foreclosure! - 08/04/14 05:47 AM
What happens when Contractors who have Mechanics Liens, file for Foreclosure?
I recently had a property in escrow that had a number of Labor and/or Material Liens filed on title.  The seller was working with the contractors to negotiate the payoffs, but I noticed that one of the contractors filed a Foreclosure Action.
Title explained to me that if the Lien is 9 months old, they drop off title, UNLESS  the Contractor files for Foreclosure.  In that case title "stays" all Liens, regardless of age and they have to either be paid off or bonded over to close.
As it turned out on … (1 comments)

julie booth: Doesn't the Owners Title Policy cover items such as Mechanics Liens? - 08/04/14 04:52 AM
After the creation of the 2010 HUD Settlement Statement, it became clear that Owners Title Insurance Policies are not provided by sellers in many places in this country, but in Washington State, they are.
The NWMLS Purchase & Sale Agreement includes a provision that sellers will provide owners title coverage to the buyers at closing.
At the present time, the default policy is the Homeowners policy and an addendum allows for this to be changed to either standard or extended.
The homeowners policy does include coverage for:
Mechanics liens Forced removal of structures Unrecorded HOA liens Unrecorded easements Building permit violations Restrictive covenant … (1 comments)

julie booth: Why Isn't Escrow Taking My Check!? - 08/01/14 07:39 AM
Although the Collect Funds Law has been around Washington State for a number of years, I still get alot of pushback from customers trying to save a few bucks by not wiring their funds to closing.
Because of all the fraud that exists, many companies will not close a real estate transaction without a wire transfer, which makes complete sense.  I will accept a cashiers check, but it has to clear before I can complete the closing on your transaction.
This means that the check has to route "in state" and for Washington State, that means that the routing numbers need … (2 comments)

julie booth: Did you know that Washington is a community property state? - 08/01/14 02:32 AM
Did you Know that Washington is a Community Property State? This means that you can't buy real estate in Washington State without addressing the spousal interest.  Be sure to ask the buyers what their marital status is and write it in after their names on line #2 of the Purchase & Sale Agreement.  
This is especially true If there is institutional financing involved.  If the buyers have all cash and really don't want to deal with it, then title will create a special exception to their policy of title insurance, "Right, Title & Interest of the buyers spouse" which will likely be no fun to clear … (0 comments)

julie booth: Exploring the Quinault Rainforest - 08/01/14 02:23 AM
Exploring the Quinault Rainforest The Quinault Lodge, nestled in the Quinault Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula is a favorite place of mine.  Have you been yet?  They have a rainforest tour that is well worth the money, even if you have been there many times before.  Ranger Rodger will tell you stories about the area and the local culture that will amaze you!


julie booth: Introducing the Dungeness Spit - 03/01/13 07:08 AM
Introducing the Dungeness Spit
February 24th, we took our granddaughter to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Sequim to explore the 5.5 miles of beach that jets out into the Straights of Juan de Fuca. 
"At Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, one of the world's longest natural sand spits softens the rough sea waves to form a quiet bay and harbor; sand and gravel beaches, and tideflats. Eelgrass beds in the bay and harbor provide food for Pacific black brant and a nursery for young salmon and steelhead.  Tideflats teem with migrating shorebirds in spring and fall; flocks of waterfowl find food and … (1 comments)

julie booth: Employment Security goes after income-tax refunds to resolve debts - 12/05/12 02:17 AM
Employment Security goes after income-tax refunds
to resolve debts
 OLYMPIA – When is an income-tax refund not a refund? When it’s intercepted by the Employment Security Department to repay wrongly claimed unemployment benefits.
 This week, Employment Security is notifying more than 25,000 people that their 2012 income-tax refunds may be intercepted to repay benefits they shouldn’t have received.
 The department was recently approved to participate in the federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP), which allows Employment Security to cross-match its computer files with the Internal Revenue Service and flag individuals who are delinquent in paying back benefit overpayments. Generally, Employment … (0 comments)

julie booth: Washington State Employment issues job-vacancy report - 10/08/12 05:47 AM
Employment Security issues job-vacancy report
OLYMPIA – Washington employers had an estimated 52,000 job vacancies last spring, according to a new report from the state’s Employment Security Department.
More than 78 percent of the vacancies were in urban Western Washington.
Occupations with the most vacancies were in sales, registered nursing and customer service. Industries with the most vacancies were healthcare and social assistance, with 11,000 job openings; retail trade, with nearly 7,000 vacancies; and accommodation and food services, with about 5,600 available jobs.
The findings are contained in the “2012 Job Vacancy and Hiring Survey Report,” which is based … (0 comments)

julie booth: Spokane Business Honored with Hire-A-Vet Award - 06/27/12 01:23 AM
Employment Security Department/FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 27, 2012/#12-029
Spokane business honored with Hire-A-Vet Award SPOKANE – Two state cabinet officials visited Spokane today to honor Haskins Steel for its track record of hiring military veterans.
Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause and John Lee, director of the Washington Department of Veteran Affairs, presented a Hire-A-Vet Award to the company’s general manager, Craig Dias.
“It would be hard to find a business more deserving of this award than Haskins Steel,” Trause said.
In accepting the award, Dias acknowledged the contribution veterans have made to the company.
“Today, veterans are among the best-trained … (3 comments)

julie booth: Washington States Department of Revenue Wins a National Award - 04/05/12 10:07 AM
Revenue wins national award for its implementation of taxpayer amnesty
Washington, D.C., April 5, 2012 – The Washington State Department of Revenue has won a national award for what judges said was its swift and taxpayer-friendly implementation of a 2011 taxpayer amnesty.
The Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) today named the agency co-winner of its 2012 Taxpayer Service and Education award in recognition of how it launched the three-month amnesty period only seven weeks after the Washington State Legislature authorized it in a one-day special session.
“We put a great deal of thought and work into making Washington’s first-ever tax … (0 comments)

julie booth: Washington State To Lose 26 Weeks of Long Term Unemployment Benefits - 04/03/12 03:17 AM
Washington to lose 26 weeks of long-term unemployment benefits
 OLYMPIA – Washington state’s improving unemployment rate will reduce the maximum weeks of unemployment benefits from 99 to 73 for most eligible workers after April 21.
 The Employment Security Department will soon mail notices to all workers who are claiming long-term benefits, with information about how their benefits will be affected.
 “We are at a difficult point, where our unemployment rate is greatly improved, yet still relatively high,” said Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause. “Losing up to six months of benefits will make the unemployment situation a lot more urgent … (0 comments)

julie booth: The CFPB is Making Changes to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement - again... - 03/23/12 01:45 AM
The CFPB Is Making Changes to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement - again...
Imagine a combined Truth-in-Lending Statement and HUD 1 Settlement Statement.  That is precisely what the Consumer Financial Protection Board has been working on for a number of months.   If this is the first you have heard about this topic, you will want to sign up for their email alerts and perhaps "friend" them on Facebook.The CFPB is proposing that this document be in it's final form and available to the borrower 3 days before signing.  As you know, there are many moving parts to a HUD, including but not limited … (0 comments)

julie booth: Earnest Money Notes Payable to Escrow - WHY? - 03/23/12 01:33 AM
Earnest Money Notes Payable to Escrow - WHY? Please do not make your promissory notes for earnest money payable to escrow/title, make the Note payable to the seller.If the buyer backs out of the transaction and the seller seizes the note for compensation, what good will it do the seller if the Note is payable to your escrow or title company?Remember that escrow is a Neutral Third Party - not a representative of either the buyer or the seller.  I have seen many, many notes payable to escrow and or title.  Thankfully none of these deals fell through - but in this … (0 comments)

julie booth: February's Drop In Unemployment Rate May Shorten Unemployment Benefits - 03/21/12 03:22 AM
February’s drop in unemployment rate
may shorten unemployment benefits
OLYMPIA – Washington gained an estimated 4,200 jobs in February, adding to the state’s gradual climb up the employment ladder, according to the state’s Employment Security Department.
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dipped to an estimated 8.2 percent in February, down from a revised rate of 8.4 percent in January.  It was the lowest unemployment rate since January 2009, when it was 7.7 percent.
As a result of the improved unemployment rate, the maximum weeks of unemployment benefits in Washington will likely be reduced from 99 down to 73 … (0 comments)

julie booth: Aviation Based High Schools. Really?? - 10/25/11 08:57 AM
Aviation Based High Schools? Aviation High School, located next to the Museum of Flight is the only aviation, college prep school in the Northwest.  According to an article written by Holly Smith Peterson at the Business Examiner on September 5th, one-third of all Boeing engineers will be eligible for retirement in the next four years.The high school, pictured here will relocate students from the current Highline location and is scheduled to open in 2013.  This school is focused on aviation-themed topics and projects rather than more general subject matter.  Emphasis is heavy on science, mathmatics, engineering and technology.  So far, AHS … (2 comments)

julie booth: Is Your Buyer Using VA Financing? - 10/25/11 08:53 AM
If so, that is terrific but just remember that the seller is then required to pay both sides of the escrow fee along with any loan finance charges that the VA buyer is restricted from paying (non allowables).
I always get so surprised by how many sellers say they weren't told about this when we go over their Settlement Statement.   Sellers:  be sure to read your contract thoroughly so that you know what to expect at closing and make yourself some notes about the discussion you have with your broker. 
There is so much information to absorb all at once, taking good … (1 comments)

julie booth: Are you Reading Your Short Sale Approval Letters Carefully? - 10/25/11 08:41 AM
Are you Reading Your Short Sale Approval Letters Carefully? Several Banks now include an Arms Length Affidavit with their short sale approval letters which require the parties to certify "That the sale of the property is between parties who are unrelated and unaffiliated by family, marriage or commercial enterprise".One Affidavit has the buyer certifying that they will not re-sell the property within 120 days without having substantially refurbished or added value to the property and goes on to require that the closing agent will not act as the closing agent of subsequent transactions involving the property within one year of closing the short sale.The … (2 comments)

julie booth: WorkSource Helping Growers Find Orchard Workers - 10/20/11 04:17 AM
WorkSource helping growers find orchard workers
OLYMPIA – With Washington’s apple harvest once again in full swing, local WorkSource centers are doing what they can to help growers find pickers.
Currently, WorkSource centers are working to fill more than agricultural 1,000 job openings across Central and Eastern Washington. 
WorkSource offices have expanded their operating hours and opened temporary satellite offices in the middle of major farming areas.  Employment specialists check in daily with local growers to assess the current labor needs, and visit gathering places in nearby communities to recruit workers. 
“Most growers want experienced workers who can … (0 comments)

julie booth: It Started With A Request on Facebook for Some Assistance - 09/20/11 06:46 AM
It started with a request on Facebook for some assistance from Rhonda Gray, an agent that I had not yet met.  Sure, why not?  I had a couple of hours that I could spare that Wednesday morning and isn't the point of developing your business via on-line "marketing" on places like Facebook, to meet potential customers and build some relationships?
Rhonda likes to volunteer at the Puyallup Food Bank and she needed some people to sort food that was brought in at the Puyallup Fair.   I agreed to meet her at the new location of the food bank and the day started off with a … (4 comments)

julie booth: Claim Your Cash.org Returns a Record Number of Refunds in Washington State - 09/13/11 10:40 AM
Revenue returns unclaimed property to a record number of claimants
OLYMPIA – Sept. 13, 2011 – The Washington State Department of Revenue returned unclaimed property to a record 108,441 claimants in Fiscal Year 2011, thanks in part to a sharp increase in the number of businesses reporting unclaimed property to the state.
The number of individuals who claimed property during the fiscal year ending June 30 was more than 10,000 higher than the 98,362 claims paid in Fiscal Year 2010. These individuals claimed $46.5 million in Fiscal Year 2011.
Revenue Director Suzan DelBene said the number of businesses reporting unclaimed property … (4 comments)

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