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Today I took out a buyer and we found him a very nice apartment in a new construction building and I wrote up an offer for him. I was also going back and forth to another real estate office to pick up keys for another property and the other broker was very anxious for me to push him to buy the pr...
I have noticed that I have been very busy this past two months, my listings are selling and I have been working with a few buyers (two of who purchased this month.)   I did a deal with another agent from another company and we were talking about how our businesses have really picked up these last...
Tonight, I had the pleasure of going on a listing appointment to a very nice development that is located on the ocean in my area. The homeowner was an older woman, getting ready for retirement in July.  She has a house in the Hamptons that she will be moving to and has already started bringing so...
I have been very busy since the day after Christmas and was also pretty busy during the month of December.  It seems like the slump has lifted somewhat and buyers are coming out again and homeowners are ready to list and sell.  The rates dropping have definetly helped this last week because now b...
  I had the pleasure of helping my godchild move into the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan.  This area, 20 years ago didn't consist of any residential space.  It was strictly business.  This area today is exploding with office space being turned into residences.  Every inch of space in the wal...
I have been thinking for some time about going for the designation of GRI.  I was wondering for those of you who have it if you found it to be beneficial.  I know, any continuing education is always good for your business - you can never learn too much and knowledge is power.  Also, there is the ...
To all my fellow realtors               This week we all have reason to celebrate and that's due to the fact that the mortage rates have hit an amazing low point.  Everyone I speak to in the business is busy with buyers (people are coming out of the woodwork), listings are getting a lot more show...
My business was very slow last year from around June through December.  I guess the bad media hype and the fact that buyers thought prices were going to drop even more was a good part of the reason that I was very stagnant. It seems like business started to pick up for me in December and now Janu...
Nothing melts my heart more than when I look into the eyes of my lovable puppy as he sits by my side as my day unwinds.  Who else greets me with yelps of joy when I come home, following my from room to room just happy to see me.  He might only be six pounds but he is as protective of me as if he ...
Elegance, comfort, style and grace.  These are some of the words I use when I arrive at home and I want to make a good impression and get the listing.  Every home has something that fits these descriptive words.  It might be the elegance of an old wing chair passed down from another era, timeless...

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