caution: The Ground We Live On - It's Alive - Part 3 - 06/03/08 12:20 PM

Some soils are more susceptible  to the effects of water. Granular soils, like sands, can be susceptible to being washed out or washed away. On the other hand some clay soils are highly shrinkable with low water content or highly expansive due to high water content.

Whatever the cause of the lower or higher the normal water content, it can in turn undermine foundations or put pressure on them instead.
Simple activities like removing a large tree can have a dramatic effects on the local soil conditions. As the soil gains the water that the tree was losing though it's leaves every day, … (1 comments)

caution: The Ground We Live On - It's Alive - Part 2 - 06/03/08 12:20 PM

Although massive ground problems can occur, like for instance, earthquakes or mudslides or natural erosion or mining related problems, these problems ar largely known about in the local area and therefore any checks that need to be carried out are carried out.
The photograph is of a crater that was formed by the collapse of a large underground cavity of gypsum deposits in the city of Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK.
The problems that this post is relating too, are the ones that are not commonly known about or are local to one or two individual properties.
All the problems are related … (1 comments)

caution: The Ground We Live On - It's Alive - Part 1 - 06/03/08 12:19 PM
I felt compelled to write this post after reading several recent blogs and blog comments that touched on the subject.
The subject is, the ground, the soil, the earth, whatever you wish to call it, which is under your home.
Most people take it for granted, don't ever give it a second thought.
Well you should. There is lots of things that you, your neighbors or outside environment issues that can affect it.
Although I have worked in industries that have dealt with these concerns, I am not in anyway suggesting that I am an expert on the subject. Far from … (0 comments)

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