evacuation: 2009 South Caroline Hurricane Guide - 08/09/09 12:58 AM
For those of you that haven't read this, may need a reminder or just want to check that their information is still current, please click on the link or guide below.
2009 South Caroline Hurricane Guide 

You never know when you will need it! Be Prepared.

evacuation: Hurricanes - A guide to things you should know and do! - 09/07/08 07:52 AM
For many people, a tropical storm or even a hurricane is an unknown element to deal with. As I sit at my computer awaiting the arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna (and now complete this blog after the passing of Hanna), I have had the chance to browse many of the Internet sites available and produce the information below. You will find many links to other important and useful web sites.

There is one thing in life that I have learnt and it does not matter whether you are talking about Success or Survival, the one thing that they have … (3 comments)