Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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SCHOOL STARTS JULY 30th in PAYSON! When I was a kid Summer vacation meant June, July and August. even when I was a teacher (14 years worth) I started teaching somewhere around Labor Day. For the last few years Payson Schools have started VERY early. They make up for it by having breaks in between...
In today's real estate market many Owners are finding that they either can't sell, or might have to sell at a deep discount. Many are, therefore, turning to renting as a possible alternative to a bargain basement sale. (I'm talking here about non-occupied properties. We have many in our area- eit...
This 2 bedroom, 1 bath, upstairs unit is for sale at the great price of $55,000! Play the show for pictures, and click "details" and "amenities" for more information.
OK, SO I'm exaggerating. But it does totally amaze me how many people seem to find Payson, Arizona, and are interested in buying homes here. Payson is a very small town. When we moved here 15 yrs ago the population was 8,000+. The last I heard we are now near 16,000. When I am down in the Phoenix...
I just reposted an entry from last year (so it would show on Localism- that's what the Q & A recommends) entitled "How to speak Payson". Since its almost supper time, this is a natural follow-up. For a small town, Payson has quite a few good restaurants. This list is purely subjective, these are ...
Hi from Payson, AZ. By no means everyone in Arizona knows where Payson is (I know this by the blank looks I get when I mention it to someone in Phoenix). We're about an hour and a half drive north of the Phoenix area, and about 5,000 ft. UP. Long-time residents have their own vocabulary. These ar...
Payson has a great fireworks show. They shoot them out over Green Valley Lake, the park around fills with people. We usually love it. But this year it drizzled rain and we didn't feel like sitting in it for hours to get a spot. We took our Jeep Wrangler on a dirt road toward the edge of a hill ov...
                              THe Monsoon is officially on in the Southwest. This year they just defined it by DATE, not by 3 days in a row with a dewpoint over 55 as in past years. Here in Payson, AZ we've had several storms already with a few tenths of a percent of an inch of rain. Even a litle...

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