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When your home goes on the market you want it to be the best looking product for the best price, because you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. With 87% of today's savvy buyers searching on the internet to find a home you will want your photos to look great and stand out....
Yesterday we went to view a home to bid on it.  It was 1900 square feet and on 9/10's of an acre.  It is an 1950's Eichler Home.  Very popular in that time period all around the San Francisco Bay Area. They told us over the phone that they had done some remodeling and still working on things this...
CLIENT I MEAN! I am working on a Stage to live project and I couldn't have a more wonderful client to work with.  She's the kind of person who can't do enough for you.  We are doing several rooms in her home and I have been to her house three times.  She is just the kindest person and would you b...
The first impression when a buyer drives up to your home is critical. Walk across the street and look at it through the eyes of a buyer.  What do you see?  Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare your home for sale. Trim and House Paint:  Take a hard look at the front door and trim.  Give ...
Today was the last day of our ASP MASTER's class. We are all now Accredited Staging Professional MASTER'S and some for the second time around.  It was packed full of learning and we all have a lot to take home and digest.  It was great, we all walked away with more knowledge than we expected to l...
As I am here in Atlanta,GA for the ASP MASTER'S class I have had a chance to drive around the City.  I have never been here before and had no idea how beautiful it is. During the ASP Master course we have had the opportunity to do a bid/proposal and a Consultation Detail Report on two homes.  The...
Tonight in Atlanta, GA a Realtor Panel was held by the Atlanta International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  The Realtor Panel was made up of eight of the top Realtor's in the area.  Key note speaker was Barb Schwarz. This was a night to remember, hundreds of Real Estate Profe...
This whole week October 19th, through October 23rd, 2009 I am re-taking my Accreditited Staging Professional MASTER Class for continuing ed.  It has been the best week so far.  New and more updated information since my last ASP MASTER's class. It is being held in Atlanta, GA. I am so thankful to ...

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