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Well- I managed to get the neighborhood stomach bug and spent all day yesterday in bed. This unexpected event messed up my plans to blog for 30 days straight, so now it looks like I am back to day 1...ughhh! Looks like those bonus points are out the window, but it's not about the points right? Ho...
Have you ever had one of those days when you thought there was just to much to do, and you had no idea how you were going to get it all done? I seem to be having alot of those days lately, and what I finding out is the more I do- the more I have to do. That is all I have to talk about today- no g...
I am on day three of my attempt to do a blog everyday for 30 days, and I still seem to be questioning my blogging techniques. What I can say is that I have been reading alot of the current blogs (about blogging) and have gotten alot of good tips and ideas. So that is a start.... I have had some o...
This morning started off with hitting the snooze alarmĀ 3 different times, and not even realizing it had been going off until my husband comes in and says "It is 8:20, are you going to get up?" Considering that I am usually at the office by 8:30, I started to just roll over and pull the covers bac...

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