florida: Jacksonville Florida makes the American Improving Markets Index (IMI) list! - 01/10/12 09:18 AM
More good news! Three Florida cities (including Jacksonville) made in onto the American Improving Markets Index (IMI). The index measures three sets of independent monthly data to get a mark on the top improving Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The three indicators that are analyzed are employment growth from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, house price appreciation from Freddie Mac, and single-family housing permit growth from the U.S. Census Bureau. If not for overly restrictive lending policies and the inventory of distressed properties conditions would most likely have improved even more.  As market conditions improve so will home prices. I'll say it … (0 comments)

florida: Christmas in Jacksonville - 12/17/11 06:28 AM
Once again Jacksonville has shown that the Christmas spirit is alive and well.  Every year on Black Friday the Jacksonville Landing puts on a great Tree Lighting event that includes live performances by local artists and a fantastic fireworks display. 

A beautifully lighted fountain across the river in Friendship Park also contributes to the spirit of the season with Christmas songs playing over speakers for all to enjoy.
While there may not be snow on the ground it still looks a lot like Christmas in Jacksonville.         
Merry Christmas!

florida: HOPE for Homeowners or just postponing the inevitable? - 01/27/09 08:36 AM
Passage of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA) H.R. 3221 may offer some hope for homeowners facing situations that may lead to foreclosure.  Since the vast number of foreclosures is having a negative effect on home values preventing even more homes from going into foreclosure may help to stabilize prices and restore confidence among potential homebuyers.  At least this is the intent.  To see the effect of foreclosure sales on the Jacksonville home values check out my "Jacksonville Florida Real Estate Market Trends" page.
 One component of H.R. 3221 designed to reduce the number of foreclosures is … (0 comments)

florida: Foreclosures VS Home Values - 01/26/09 10:42 AM
What’s it going to take to stabilize home values?  Here's my take on the situation. The Jacksonville real estate market continues to favor buyers with over 16 months of residential real estate currently for sale. Property values in Jacksonville and the immediate area have adjusted downward in response to a decrease in demand and a surge in short sale and foreclosure inventory. For example, there are currently 12,852 single family homes for sale in Jacksonville. 28% of those are listed with a title status of “pre-foreclosure” or “foreclosure”. In the last 30 days 757 single family homes were sold with 42% … (2 comments)

florida: What happened to the Jacksonville Real Estate Maket? - 09/11/08 09:50 AM

So what's causing the drop in home prices in Jacksonville?  That's an easy one.  With over 16 months of inventory as of August 2008 there are still too many homes on the market.  As with anything else it is an issue of supply vs demand.  An increase in supply drives prices down while and increase in demand drives prices up.  Simple economics.
 So what caused the increase in supply?  This may be up for debate but here's my take on it.  Adjustable rate subprime mortgages.  During the boom years practically anyone could get a mortgage.  If the borrower did not … (0 comments)

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