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My emails are improving someone actually asked me what to do. If I were able to pull you out of a burning barn, in short time you would have run back in. It's what you know as safety - security. The only advice that I will render is that whatever you do will be wrong. The joke on Wall Street is t...
I have about 5 years experience as a stockbroker and have some idea as to the basics of brokerage operations. If you own stocks and bonds, you own only digits of ownership. You most likey do not have the stock and bond certificates placed in your account. These certificates are in street name and...
For those who don't know, the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) was created by I think presidential decree a few presidents ago. Its purpose is and maybe now past tense "was" to stabilize wide flucuating markets. It has in effect now become a Hollywood facade production lot. As I write, the dollar is ...
Just like the 1930's bank holiday, the derivatives holiday means that interest rate sensitive securities can not be sold. Some that are still relatively viable are being marked down. Reports are that this fiasco has now gone global. O-T-C interest sensitive securities are now being hit. the 1980'...
The head of homeland security may not suffer from Anorexia nervosa, but there is no question he is a "stickman". Yesterday he said that he had a "gut feeling of terrorism happening in America this summer"... take the stickman's head and body to make a 9; take the two legs to make 11; that leave t...
Declaration of a derivatives holiday (con't) response from my last post suggests that the derivatives collapse is only a us problem. Well I did an chinese acid test a few months ago where I published an open letter to the chinese army warning them that the derivatives collapse would overw...
Just when everybody in real estate thought it can't get any worse, it did in spades. The derivatives market is in chaos. We use that term because you can't see the collapse of world financial markets yet. Derivatives are financial instruments that are unregulated and basically are used like when ...

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