federal reserve: President Obama Signals That The Federal Reserve Is Bankrupt - 02/05/09 03:04 AM
The Federal Reserve oversees most US banks and has been in the fore in bailing out insolvent banks. In essence, the Federal Reserve has been the "Bad Bank" by accepting toxic bank assets. So when president Obama indicates that he will set up a "bad bank" that indicates a Federal Reserve "NO MAS" or they can go no further. Confirmation of this comes from UK banks and actions taken by the British government. The Federal Reserve is not a US government branch, but a foreign entity composed of global bank shares. Thus the Obama - 10 Downing Street puts the Federal … (2 comments)

federal reserve: Time Is Of The Essence - 08/19/07 02:57 AM
FDIC the "C" stands for corporation. The Federal Reserve is a quasi governmental agency. The definition of "quasi" is seemingly so, but not really. In fact, the Fed is not even American. Having said that, your bank savings are probably insured by the FDIC up to a certain amount. As of this moment, the Federal Reserve has decided to flood the market with money to shore up just about everything and there appears to be no end in sight. This is monetary inflation which will ultimately translates to price inflation. The ivy league disinformation squad tends to slow this monetary to … (0 comments)




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