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Useful information that can help you prospect, list and close more deals this year. Helping you in your business is my #1 goal. I believe in reaping what you sow and hopefully, once you read my blogs, you'll reward me with some referrals so I can really help you and your business this year! Check out my NC and SC blogs!
  Weekly Tip -  Help Out The Curious Neighbors!     Nosey neighbors love to eat!     I saw a blog that got my attention about hosting a Saturday morning opportunity for your new buyers or the buyers that bought your listing to meet their new neighbors!  That's right, do this with your buyers and ...
  Want to know who's hiring like crazy in every county in my region?  If you knew, what would you do about it?   Okay, it's the school system.  Every summer, there is usually a huge void in every county causing the HR Manager to go out recruiting and interviewing for several open positions that h...
Interest rates are improving again and now we have a new R02 program with very competitive pricing for your high-dollar clients up to $729K loan amounts.  Call me for a competitive quote on this.   Product highlights:   ·        Max 90% LTV for Owner Occupied purchases (75% Rate/Term Refis) ·   ...
 If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, please contact your lender or a credit counselor at 1.888.995.HOPE. Find out your options now – don’t waste another minute!   A non-profit, HUD-approved credit counselor is waiting for your call –1.888.995.HOPEHere's the website: http://www.hopenow...
03/22/2008, top Hitwise rankings RealtyTrac continued to lose market share in DecemberClick here for more information about this. Sam Thompson,  PHH Mortgage Senior Advisor - Helping you GROW your business! - SC w...
   In my travels today, I discovered the Blenheim Mineral Springs well in Blenheim, SC and I drank from the well.  Life is full of unexpected surprises if we take the time to enjoy them or in the case, drink them.  It wasn't bad. Sam Thompson,  PHH Mortgage Senior Advisor - Helping you GROW your ...
The big news last week is that the judge ruled in favor of allowing the FHA gift program to continue which allows the seller to pay the required 3% buyer down payment.    Why is this such good news?  Because with the tightening of the credit industry, it is getting harder and harder to approve bu...
 The Greater Pee Dee Board of Realtors got a tour of the new Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SiMT) yesterday and boy was I impressed.  After spending over 20 years in manufacturing, many with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, I walked away wowed by what they are creating ...
 Happy President's Day!  In case you need a great mortgage and your bank is closed, call me!  We're open to serve you.  :)I noticed in The Charlotte Observer on Saturday that Charlotte's average home price for 2007 was a bit higher than it was in 2006, but did that make the headline?  You guessed...
"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"-Author unknown   I adopt this philosphy in how I view my role as a Mortgage Advisor.  It is my hope that even those of you with tremendous real estate experience learn something each week fr...

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