jim ludes: The Dark Knight, A Recommendation - 07/20/08 08:15 AM

I've only read 2 comic books in my entire life. One rainy day circa 1990 I skimmed over a pair of someone's Spiderman books and never REALLY took to liking them. Now, as an adult, I love comic book movies and would probably read the books if time allowed.
My absolute favorite comic book mythos is Batman. I know the stories up and down in and out and 6 ways to Sunday (mostly via other geeks on the internet). Needless to say, after the excellence of Batman Begins I've been pretty jazzed about the sequel for the last year or … (8 comments)

jim ludes: Local kids win World Series...recent edit - 05/31/08 12:50 PM

The Joliet Junior College Wolves have won the NJCAA Division III World Series Championship! Two local young men were very pivotal in leading the Wolves to the top of the junior college ranks: Wilmington's Dillon Roark was the tournament's Most Valuable Player as well as taking honors on the all-tournament team, the NJCAA Division III All-American first team and the N4C All-Conference team.
Coal City's Brandon Howard joined Roark on all of above honorary teams!
Way to go fellas! Way to make your towns proud!

Roark compiled some gaudy statistics on the mound on his way to a … (3 comments)

jim ludes: Lakers-Celtics...back to the future - 05/30/08 04:28 PM

The L.A. Lakers and Boston Celtics are set to square off in an NBA Finals.....and this time, I didn't just get out of elementary school for the summer! The matchup the league most wanted to see (get your conspiracy theories fired up) is now a reality.
And for what it's worth- here's my 2 cents....
I think there's a few obvious things to rundown when trying to adequately predict a series.
Home Court: Unlike baseball where a homefield gets a last bat and every park has different dimensions- there's no advantage other than psychological in football, hockey and baseketball. All … (14 comments)

jim ludes: The market bottoms and you don't know it...until you know it - 05/28/08 04:35 PM
There are a number of buyers out there waiting with baited breath for the housing market to bottom out so they can snag a house on the "best possible deal." Fair enough. I get that.
I, however, disagree with the logic and the execution.
How do you know when the market has hit its bottom? When you see it come back up. I equate it to a ball...How does a basketball player know his dribble has hit the hardwood without looking at it? Because the ball is back in his hand as it bounces up. Take the analogy or leave it- but … (0 comments)

jim ludes: Great Lot in Joliet - 05/12/08 03:50 AM

jim ludes: Horton Hears a Who Review....for you - 05/05/08 03:22 AM
Horton Hears a Who is 'children's movie' adaptation of a Dr. Suess story. I had zero interest in seeing this film. In fact, my wife took our sons to see it and I gracefully, passed many weeks ago. This time, as part of my tutoring-after-school program, I "had" to see it on a field trip with the kids.
I plotted all morning on a way to sneak out and see Ironman...alas, I couldn't break free and ended up watching Horton.
And I'm glad I did!
The misses said this was horrible and that I'd hate it, but she could not have been more wrong. … (5 comments)

jim ludes: "The Mist" Review - 05/05/08 02:58 AM

The Mist was plugged as "based on the Stephen King novella" from its inception. I think that can be a curse-as MANY a King adaptation turns a brilliant (or at least good) story into junk. It's my opinion that this should have been sold as "Screenplay by Frank Darabont, the man that turned Stephen King's short stories The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption into brilliance." I suppose that doesn't have quite the ring to it.
In any event, The Mist is a phenomenal film. I don't throw that term out often, at all....but I'm going to stick by this one- it's … (6 comments)

jim ludes: master! master! - 05/02/08 04:33 AM
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are coming back to Chicago! AWESOME NEWS. The new album, Dig! Lazarus Dig!Is phenomenal. You have a hint of this because I played the title track in my latest podcast (2nd song in)....
They'll be playing the Riv on September 29th and I won't be there.
Huh? Don't follow you buddy...you like this band. Their new disc is amazing- yet you're not going?
It's a matter of principal, ya all. Tickets for the show cost $34. Not super-priced, but decent and cheaper than they've run in the past.....HOWEVER- ticketMASTER sticks it to you like no other. Check out … (4 comments)

jim ludes: Diamond Grage Sales - 04/24/08 04:30 AM
Hello friends and neighbors.
Just an FYI- for those of you that do not know (if there's any)...but the Diamond Civic Club will be hosting garage sales through town this Saturday (the 26th) from 8am-4pm.
Go get your garage sale on!!!

jim ludes: Kennedy Homes Goes Bye-Bye - 04/01/08 04:32 PM
Kennedy Homes has pulled out of Coal City where it was building Richard's Crossing subdivision. The home builder which ran billboards and signs boasting "Big Homes- Less Money" for nearly two years in the Coal City area has left....hardly to be heard from.
Kennedy Homes, which generated $214 million in sales in 2006 and was the area's 11th largest home builder, according to Crain's Chicago Business, would join Warrenville-based Neumann Homes on the bankruptcy circuit but has filed suit against some of the Chicago-area's top banks. It seeks $100 million in damages and the rest in punitive compensation. The suit contends the … (0 comments)

jim ludes: I'm Joining Century 21 - 03/28/08 02:04 PM
Hello friends,
I have some very exciting news! Today I officially joined the staff at Century 21 Coleman-Hornsby. I'm thrilled to be part of Grundy County's #1 home-selling team.
As listing market times are up in our area I feel it's very important to have the backing of a brokerage that takes selling homes as seriously as I do. I've long been at the cutting edge of Internet advertising for Will/ Grundy County REALTORS- now I'm proud to say I have the unconditional support of those I work through!
My new office is located at 2445 E. Division Street in Diamond, IL.
Come by and see me … (14 comments)

jim ludes: New FHA Limits are in - 03/06/08 04:09 AM
In the market for a new home?
Considering an FHA loan?
The new limits are in per my colleague, Joe Mick with First Mortgage Corporation:
Single Family: $410,000
2 Unit: $524,800
3 Unit: $634,450
4 Unit: $788,450

jim ludes: FREE Bunny Pictures at Onorato - 03/05/08 02:33 PM
Hoppy the Bunny will be making his second annual appearance at Onorato Real Estate posing with children for free photos on March 15th between 10-noon.Don't worry if you're running a little late- Hoppy doesn't leave until the last youngster wanting to meet him is gone too.
Hoppy and friends at Onorato Real Estate have goodies to give all boys and girls in attendance.
His appearance coincides with our second annual coloring contest. PRINT a page and drop it off or mail it to 335 South Broadway, Coal City, IL 60416 to be entered! Prizes will be awarded in three age groups (0-4, … (0 comments)

jim ludes: Naming Wrigley Field - 02/28/08 03:34 PM
Yesterday, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a story about new Tribune majority-owner Sam Zell and his plan to sell naming rights to historic Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs. The newspaper's website is running a poll asking "Would you still attend Cubs games if Sam Zell changes the park's name?"
What do you think? Like 95% of people say Yeah. Sure. Duh. Why not?
As of 11:34 and 5,736 votes 66% say they WON'T attend again!?!?!
Rock and Roll!
You're stupid. You're a liar to boot.
Why would you care? Low end estimations are that they could get 5-6 million per season for naming rights with higher guesstimates … (26 comments)

jim ludes: Coal City Available Properties - 02/16/08 03:43 AM
Coal City/ Diamond/ Carbon Hill  homes currently available:
If you're interested in buying or selling a home in or around Coal City, contact me at your earliest convenience at 815-712-7786 or Jim@JimLudes.com. You'll be glad you did! 

jim ludes: an early lesson learned - 02/02/08 03:28 PM
My first listing was my father-in-law's house. He 'hired' me to list and sell his home about two weeks after I receieved my license. Now an area expert, I'll openly admit that any semblance of a CMA I did was just trash at the time of listing....but it wouldn't have mattered anyway- he had a price in mind and what he wants- he wants.
The house was a very nice one on a little street called Candyland Lane. I threw it up on the market and went to work marketing it to the best of my then-current ability. Open houses went by … (2 comments)

jim ludes: Alstott to retire - 01/25/08 04:36 AM
Tampa Bay Bucs fullback extrodinaire, Mike Alstott has announced his intention to retire from the NFL, a move not unexpected after a neck injury kept him out of the 2007 season. This injury was an unrelated to a neck injury suffered in 2003.
The Buccanneers all-time touchdowns leader and arguably most-popular player played his college ball at Purdue from 1992-95. Prior to that he was a standout at famed Joliet Catholic Academy (think Rudy). A few years behind Alstott in school one town over, we often heard of his legendary training regimin. Whether folklore or truth, it was reported that he would tie … (11 comments)

jim ludes: Super Bowl 42 - 01/21/08 02:19 AM
The stage is set for sports biggest show, the Super Bowl.
As expected, the New England Patriots have skipped into Arizona with an 18-0 record; the first of its kind. Unexpectedly, the New York Giants have made their way to the desert to attempt to thwart them on their path for perfection.
The Patriots will be heavy favorites to win the game as the opening line favors them by 12.5 points.
Prior to week 17 match-up between the Super Bowl combatants, I made a grave mistake in repeatedly saying, "The Giants MUST rest their players and prepare themselves for Tampa Bay." Well- they didn't, … (18 comments)

jim ludes: Ball Till Ya Fall - 01/21/08 01:47 AM
So I'm up watching TV late last night.....11:30 or later, who really knows? I catch the last half of multi-platinum rapper, Snoop Dogg's new reality show: Father'hood. I've seen the show before and I like it. To me it's both funny and interesting to see a "big-bad" rapper at home vacuuming, playing with the kids, eating a regular dinner with the long-time wife (and high school sweetheart, mind you), etc.....
Snoop does what I can only describe as a "street" word or phrase of the day. This episode's was:
"Ball till ya fall"
Meaning, make as much as you can-----------while you can.
Real estate isn't … (9 comments)

jim ludes: Childhood Baseball Memories - 01/09/08 05:29 PM
I, like many youths in this great land of ours, spent my summers off school playing baseball. I grew up on a cul-de-sac in Lockport, Illinois with 5 houses on it. My family lived in the first home on the right as you drove in. Counter-clockwise, Erik 2 years my minor (in my brother's class) lived next door. Next door to him a brother-sister combo resided. Andie was a year older than me/ Kevin a year younger....only toddlers lived next door to them and rounding it out was a pair of senior citizens that bought the final lot (left field) and had … (8 comments)

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