las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Home Prices Jump in August while Total Sales Drop - 09/11/12 09:47 AM
Las Vegas Home Prices up while total Sales go down The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors® released August sales stats that you can read HERE.
The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors reports Tuesday that the median price of a single-family home sold in August was $138,000, up about 4 percent from July and 15 percent from last August.
And then:
The group reports about 3,750 homes, condominiums and townhomes were sold in August, up from about 3,570 in July but down from last August's near-record of nearly 4,700.
A 20% decrease in the total sales of residential properties reported … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Judicial Foreclosures are now here in Nevada - 08/21/12 06:22 AM
Las Vegas Homeowners Delinquent on their Mortgages may be in for a Very Rude Surprise Las Vegas homeowners delinquent on their home loans that have been waiting around for something to happen before doing something such as a Las Vegas short sale may soon get their wish.
Unfortunately, that something may not be what they were expecting.
Foreclosure mediation and then AB 284 going into effect on October 1st, 2011 may have created a false sense of security for Las Vegas homeowners not paying their mortgages. For the past several decades, Nevada has primarily been a Non-Judicial foreclosure process state with … (1 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Real Estate Reality... - 07/27/12 06:49 PM
With What is Going on with Las Vegas Real Estate... If I received $1.00 for every out of state caller or e-mail that has made this statement or something similar for the past three months... I think my income goals for the year would have been met already.
I certainly get where these statements are coming from because I read or watch the same things in the national media that callers are getting their information from. (Normally with a good scream or two on how clueless the so called "real estate experts" are...)
Heck... even our local media is pretty much … (2 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Real Estate - 04/04/12 07:22 PM
Las Vegas Real Estate Reality "I'm working with several Las Vegas real estate agents sending me over properties to consider... and whoever sends me over the best property is going to get our business".
Not even sure how I want to respond to this particular Las Vegas real estate buyer considering the Las Vegas real estate buyers are only qualified up to $100,000.
Don't even get me started on the gazillion requests I've received in the past week from out of state buyers... All of which seem to have "We know the real estate market conditions in Las Vegas" which always … (2 comments)

las vegas real estate: Major Las Vegas Real Estate Meltdown Avoided! - 06/29/11 11:34 PM
Major Real Estate Disaster Avoided! And a valuable lesson learned.... No.. this has nothing to do with Countrywide doing what a responsible lender should have done before  Bank of America was coerced into buying Countrywide and ended up paying another $8 Billion dollars plus for a crap company that helped BK millions of Americans... (Thanks a lot Senator "Countrywide Chris Dodd"!!) This has to do with silly ole me losing my portable zip drive somewhere... my portable little zip drive that I can pretty much use anywhere, anyplace. On that little portable zip drive is over 20 Las Vegas short sale … (11 comments)

las vegas real estate: The Rent is Too Damn High so BUY Party! - Las Vegas - 10/22/10 04:12 AM
The Rent is Too Damn High so BUY Party! Tired of getting bombarded with Political Ads that talk about everything but what it's going to take for a truly sustainable real estate and economic recovery? Tired of the distortion of the truth and the same ole, same ole rhetoric covering everything but real solutions to deal with the core of the debt problem? Tired of the Special Interest Groups distorting the truth to push their agendas and Politicians that don't have a clue?
The Rent is Too Damn High! Cash strapped.... tight lending. Confusing programs. Program after complicated Program... Welcome to:

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Real Estate most Undervalued according to Research Firms - 01/27/10 07:24 PM
Common Sense?
According to a new report released to by IHS Global Insight & PNC Financial Services, Las Vegas topped the list of most Undervalued real estate markets in the land... projected to be 41% undervalued.
CNNMONEY Article on most Overvalued Real Estate Markets
Which really is no surprise for those of us that actually practice real estate and not read about it. When you take a look at the list of Overvalued Real estate markets and see the median home prices and compare those to Las Vegas... it's just a matter of common sense.
More Analysis can be found … (1 comments)

las vegas real estate: All Eyes on CityCenter - A fitting end to the Bubble Decade in Las Vegas - 12/15/09 02:23 AM
CityCenter Las Vegas, The largest private development in the history of the United States is getting set to officially open.

Quite a fascinating development years in the making and congratulations to Dave Tuttleman, the owner of KahunaVille Cantina in Treasure Island for going through with his $1.8 Million dollar purchase of a condominium unit in Veer.
CNBC will be airing from Las Vegas all day with updates on what is quite an accomplishment....and plenty of significance.
By the way... it was recently announced that a company founded by former Countrywide Executives, PennyMac will be providing in house financing … (4 comments)

las vegas real estate: Summerlin Real Estate - Las Vegas Real Estate 89135 Stats - 12/10/09 06:06 AM
Summerlin Real Estate Stats in the 89135 Zip Code Yesterday, I was searching for some higher end Summerlin properties in the 89135 zip code for a client when I noticed an interesting trend that has popped up. I'm not really go into detail on that since it is speculation. What I do know is Summerlin Real Estate 89135 and I'll be doing some looking around in the other zip codes of Las Vegas to see if some certain similar other zip codes with luxury Las Vegas neighborhoods are showing the same results.
Look at the information below and see if you … (1 comments)

las vegas real estate: My Las Vegas Real Estate ActiveRain Blog Post - 04/25/09 11:49 PM
So.. I write up a pretty long and thoughtful blog post on Active Rain about current Las Vegas Real Estate market conditions...
Something happens while I go and look for some pictures to add to the post... my browser that has the AR post shuts down and now that post is Completely GONE!
Over an hour of work gone!!!! My Las Vegas Real Estate Wordpress blog automatically saves the post as a draft even if your computer crashes or you throw it across the room, out the window, run over it with a car, etc...
So... Here is a … (3 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Foreclosures for Sale Available on the MLS declines - 03/01/09 03:40 PM
It's been quite some time but it has happened... the inventory for Las Vegas Bank Owned Homes available for sale on the Las Vegas MLS has actually significantly declined.
Since May of 2007 I've been randomly checking the Las Vegas MLS for areas 101 through 606 and reporting the number of Las Vegas foreclosures available for sale and listing the numbers on my Las Vegas Foreclosure page.
From January 20th to March 1st, the number of Las Vegas Foreclosures available for sale on the Las Vegas MLS decreased from 7,750 to 6,765. Quite a reduction of Bank owned homes available for sale. Keep … (4 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Custom Home For Sale - 02/27/09 12:54 PM
Las Vegas Custom Home For Sale Architectually Inspiring! Spectacular Las Vegas custom home for sale ideally situated on a half acre cul-de-sac lot. Located in a Gated Las Vegas community near Green Valley, this home features floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sparkling pool. Meticulously maintained from the four car cooled garage to the private backyard and available for sale for only $549,900.
To learn more about this spectacular Las Vegas Home and view more pictures, please call Paul Francis at 702.592.3058 or click on the following link.
Las Vegas Custom Home for Sale
Paul Francis, CRSLas Vegas Real Estate702.592.3058

las vegas real estate: How will the Real Estate Crash Shape Your City? - 02/14/09 06:21 PM
Fascinating new article that came out in The Atlantic full of historical trends to support theories:
How The Crash Will Reshape America
I saw a city or two that I used to live in but the one that stood out is Las Vegas for obvious reasons:
"But in the heady days of the housing bubble, some Sun Belt cities-Phoenix and Las Vegas are the best examples-developed economies centered largely on real estate and construction. With sunny weather and plenty of flat, empty land, they got caught in a classic boom cycle. Although these places drew tourists, retirees, and some industry-firms seeking … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Real Estate - Signs of Real Recovery - 01/15/09 07:41 PM
Las Vegas Real Estate - Signs of Recovery Starting to show..
After a couple of years of being beat to death with negative news... the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be showing up with some recent positive news stories about Las Vegas Real Estate.
First, there was BusinessWeeks top 10 places where employees would like to move to which ranked Las Vegas #4 which you can read about by clicking on the following link with some of my opinions ---> Las Vegas Ranks #4 in Annual Report by BusinessWeek.
The reason? Reasonable real estate prices and … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: BusinessWeek Forecasts Trickle Up Theory - 01/02/09 06:51 PM
Not In My Real Estate Market
That certainly was the consensus over a year ago when the bad news/fortunes of real estate speculators in markets such as Florida, Las Vegas Real Estate and Arizona made front page news. A recent tour of Las Vegas foreclosures with an out of state buyer brought up the statement of... "Wow.. I guess what I've been seeing in the news is true"..
Yes it is true. What started out as bad fortunes blamed on speculators whose speculations did not pan out and they walked away from their New Home "Investments" has touched every single neighborhood in … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: The Collection of Government Stupidity - 12/09/08 08:40 PM
History Repeats Itself.
Wow! We are in such a point of history in our lives it's just amazing watching what is happening with our leaders who have zero clue in Finance, History or Economics play their usual role in politics pandering for votes (and lobbyists money) that we could witness a collapse.
The warning signs are all there and the printing machines to pay for all of these great programs is running on overtime. Nobody even knows if the bailout plans are going to work... all this when revenue collections are going down. Check this link out and you might be a little worried about … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Selling with Soul in Real Estate... In the Current Crisis... - 11/29/08 12:15 AM
I have nothing to do with Jennifer Allan or her programs about selling with soul when it comes to real estate but in the current situation (especially in Las Vegas) soul is everything...
I always kind of smile when I think about selling real estate with soul primarily because of that cute Denver smile. Yes... it's kind of an infactuation that I'll honestly admit to having after reading some of her posts and I just kind of smile that somebody is offering true passion in the real estate industry. It's an age old quality that seperates real estate agents from the ones … (2 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Foreclosures for Sale - 09/24/08 09:17 PM
Las Vegas Foreclosures for Sale
Currently available Las Vegas Bank Owned Homes on the Las Vegas MLS for sale equals 5,664 for areas 101-606. (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate.) A further breakdown:
4,436 Single Family Homes 844 Las Vegas Condominiums 377 Las Vegas Area Townhomes 7 Manufactured Homes As classified by Bank Owned Listing agents for Summerlin Real Estate, there are 139 Summerlin foreclosure properties for sale and a further breakdown:
111 Summerlin Single Family Homes 20 Summerlin Condominiums 8 Summerlin Townhomes For Spanish Trail Real Estate, there are 3 Foreclosure Homes for Sale and a … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Foreclosures for Sale - 09/11/08 02:15 AM
Las Vegas Foreclosure Homes
Las Vegas Bank Owned Real Estate Agents continue to be busy as the number of Las Vegas Bank Owned homes available for sale on the Las Vegas MLS continues to climb.
As of today, proud Bank Owners have 5,415 Las Vegas Homes, Condominiums and Townhomes (6 Manufactured Homes) available for sale.
4236 Single Family Homes 821 Condominiums 352 Townhomes 6 Manufactured Homes For a breakdown on price ranges available, you can visit this Las Vegas Real Estate Trends blog. For your own list of Las Vegas foreclosures (ABSOLUTELY FREE!!) on the Las Vegas MLS with criteria that … (1 comments)

las vegas real estate: Your Asking Price Determines If and When You Sell...Period. - 08/21/08 11:54 AM
I found this post written by Danilo Bogdanovic in Ashburn Virginia to go right in line with some recent articles I did..
Las Vegas Bank Owned Homes dominate Sales in Las Vegas Las Vegas Real Estate Report Quote ---
"Sure, how well your agent markets the property matters. But even the best agent in the world can't fool today's buyer and a good buyer's agent. Today's buyer has access to way too much information and data to overpay for a property. And a good buyer's agent will provide comps and their personal expertise to even the most uniformed buyer so that they … (1 comments)

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