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There are a couple facts about living in the Tulsa area.  It get's cold and we have critters and insects.  You put the two together and the critters and insects start to move in to the house where it is nice and warm.  Be prepared for the cold weather to come, if you haven't already sprayed your ...
What to do when the cold weather hits, there are many hazards that come about during the winter and the holidays. Vacationing for the holidays: Make sure to turn you water heater down, you aren't using hot water but your hot water heater doesn't know this. Many hot water heaters have a vacation s...
This is my families favorite time of year!  The weather starts cooling down, leaves begin to change color, and the holidays are coming!  Right now is a good time to have your furnace inspected and serviced.  The COLD weather is coming! AirOne is a great company that I have utilized for several ye...
Purchasing a home, the American dream!  What is the next step afer this dream?  After you saved, cut coreners, and made some sacrafice to work towards the goal of purchasing your home it is now time to look at saving for retirement and other securities in life!  The house warming party is over an...
It is vital to have home inspections conducted by a professional that is concerned for your well being, not just there to get the deal done.  I would suggest conducting a full home inspection, utilizing a structural engineer, a licensed EMP inspector, and a termite company which will look at wood...
The BOK center opened up this summerhopefully revitalizing downtown Tulsa!  I personally have been to a few events and Tulsa seems alive!  Thousands of people walking around downtown, eating, drinking, spending money, and enjoying Tulsa.  It is amazing, you must attend one of the many events that...
  The government has bailed out their third company this month.  AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac have all been bailed out in hopes to assist our nations economy.  I personally feel that the government should have left it alone so our economy can take it's natural cycle.  We may be in for a long...
Preparing your lawn for winter time is easy and inexpensive. Simple things you can do now will help make your grass green next spring. Our yards are similar to our bodies in basic needs. We both require good food, air and water to thrive. Before the cold weather sets in, there are some basic thin...
Many families are moving to Oklahoma due to the low cost of living and the beautiful surroundings!  Let's face it, it is the cost of homes in Tulsa and surrounding areas are very affordable.  You can purchase a beautiful home in a established neighborhood and community with great schools for $165...
The market is great in Tulsa, OK.  Values are  strong and it looks like our market will continue to grow steadily through the rough times that other markets are having.  I can see a large number of families and businessses flooding the Oklahoma area where they can find affordable housing and the ...

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