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OK. This is such an important piece of information. I would not feel right not to share it with all of you. It needs to be re-blog numerously, especially in this time  of short-sale. This could mean thousands of dollars more in your and client's wallet! Read up!At a recent home staging consult, I...
I know most of you are not fond of Mr. Trump. However, no one can deny his success. He knows more then most people, how to market himself. I respect that! So, in the past few weeks, I have been learning, laughing, reading, commentating on Mr. Trump's most famous quotes. I read some of your commen...
Well, I have been following Jennifer's blog for a while now on "Contact Management". I am planning on tuning-in on Thursday for her web seminar. Anyone else? If you do not mind sharing with me, what is your best suggestion on Contact Management? How do you get all your contacts organized? What is...
Really. I really cannot get enough of this guy. Maybe because of the fact that we are in the same line of business.              Maybe because he is so entertaining. Maybe because of his sense of business we cannot deny. Maybe because of his way of being so confident. Not because of his hair, but...
So this last January 7th, I asked for your help on finding the best daily affirmations.  Following a conference call with Coach Tom Ferry, I was now prepared to begin the work to make those 36 transactions happen, this year. I only needed some good daily affirmations. That is when I asked for yo...
But before I share it, I wanted to congratulate ActiveRain on the 200,000 member and members! How exciting it is to start the week and still the year, with the big 200! There are so many of us but yet, all so different! That is why I come here! I like to get different opinions, ideas, point of vi...
Last week; as an every Wednesday, I blogged on my quote of the week. Your reactions was such great read, I decided to keep going with "The Donald". He is truly an entertaining figure to follow in real estate. I don't know if I agree with his sense of fashion (lol), but I find his point of view on...
This morning, I woke up to all the news reports on the aftermath of that terrible shooting in Arizona.  I was in Boston last week, for the inauguration of one of our youngest State Representative elected in office. Ryan Fattman, 26. It does not matter so much about his politic affiliation, I just...
Last night, I was in a conference call held by Tom Ferry. 65 minutes of fire and energy! It was amazing! I couldn't write my notes fast enough (someone else said that too, on FB). I was sitting in my car the entire time, as my daughter was purchasing some snowboarding equipments... with my credit...
The past 2 weeks has been some of the busiest weeks I had since I can remember. Who said Real Estate is in slow motion, right now? I know. You might think with the holidays, the snow and all..."not here baby"! Lots of great things are coming our way, this year. If you did your homework, you shoul...

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