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"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration". Evan Esar Well, I did go through the desperation and perspiration part of this week. It was a long one I must admit. And it is only Wednesday. The aspiration and inspiration is usually what I live...
Imagine for a moment a woman. A woman that cares. To start from the beginning, she has raised two beautiful daughters. One who has a daughter of her own, coaches a cheer-leading team and is a real estate agent. The other daughter is a broker owner of her office and... is literally giving birth to...
This was taken this past Saturday. I have told you our story before. In our office we have created a C.A.R.E. Group. A bunch of us get together a few times a year to give back to our Bellingham community. This past week-end was no exception. We welcomed children of the town while they were meetin...
It was so much fun yesterday! Thank you Bellingham! Rudolph made it on time and for 2 full hours to meet and greet all the Bellingham kids that stopped by... most likely on their way to meet with Santa at the Bellingham Town Common for the Tree Lighting Celebration. It was an unusual warm day and...
Today is the day! Before you head out to the tree lighting at the Belligham Common scheduled for 6PM tonight... Stop by the Colonial Plaza (across the street from the Post Office). The merchants of the plaza will be there with surprises for the whole family INCLUDING your family dog! Rudolph will...
I am thankful! Everyday I say thank you to so many people. On FaceBook, ActiveRain, LinkedIn, in the office, at home, at the supermarket, at the gym, at my local coffee shop, at the bank, at a stop sign, while walking my dog, while answering an e-mail, on the phone, while driving, while crossing ...
COME CELEBRATE The HOLIDAYS With REALTY EXECUTIVES TRI-COUNTY AND THE MERCHANTS OF COLONIAL PLAZA (Across from the Post Office) 116 Mechanic St./ Route 140 In Bellingham, Mass  Fun for Everyone!!! Bring the whole Family! o  Pictures with Rudolph (Don't forget your camera) o  Holidays Giveaways fo...
OK. It doesn't look like much but it means something. Meet Salty, my dog. Rescued from Galveston, Texas. Her mother was left behind when hurricane Ike hit three yars ago. The animal shelter put her down after she had her puppies. Then, The lab rescue league came in and did just that: rescued the...
Are you looking for space? Moving your business? Start your own? Maybe your own spa? Or how about a neighborhood butcher shop? This property is located in a prime location in Bellingham. Everyone in town drives by at least twice a day. Yet, it has his own retreat in the back yard. Now imagine wor...
OK. Another survey? Yes. But how cool and important this one is. I know predictions are exactly that: predictions. However, I find it very interesting to take the time to reflect on my market and have a head's up on what is to come. Plus: extra AR points. Just saying... Go ahead! Give it a shot! ...

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