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Louisville has many beautiful subdivisions to offer and Flat Rock Ridge is no exception. Conveniently located off Shelbyville Road into the subdivision, and turning left you’ll see 17010 Bowline View Trail.   This 3 bedroom, 2 full bath ranch home for sale has is loaded with modern amenities. Pr...
Two Great Options for Swimming in Oldham County in 2012! Oldham County KY has two great options for public swimming. First, there is the John W. Black Aquatic Center, always a family favorite. A lesser known option is Falling Rock Park, which was originally The Quarry owned by Joe Clark, and is f...
Our Homearama Home 2012 new construction home being built by award-winning Paragon Homes is coming along nicely!  As you can see in the photo, the great room is being painted a beautiful Eggplant color. This was chosen by a designer who also wins awards, so he knows what he is talking about. I t...
I think that recycling is important for our environment because I've watched local landfills run out of room in my lifetime. I've seen the effects these landfills have on the surrounding area and watched the local residents fight the expansion of them. That's why I think we should reuse and recyc...
Oldham County is one of the most beautiful places in Kentucky, and its Cherrywood Place subdivision is no exception. Did you know that there are two entrances to Cherrywood Place? One is beside Kroger, and the other is beside Tractor Supply. Both entrances are connected now so that you can go al...
Local Garden Tours, Farm Tours, and Farmers Markets   One of the great things about living in the Louisville area is all the regular and organically grown plants available for purchase. Our state has the “Kentucky Proud” initiative that encourages vendors to sell these garden products locally.   ...
Is Your Family Safer In A Newly Constructed Home?   You are searching for a new (to you) home to live in. You have been to several existing homes in the Louisville area, and they all fall short of the features you desire. Why not have a new home built? A new custom built home can give you all the...
I met Allen Henderson in a Facebook group. Allen is doing some amazing things with marketing, and I suggest you subscribe to his blog if you'd like to learn more.  Allen is wanting to give the ultimate shoutout to Scott Stratten, the author of Unmarketing, on his birthday which is Monday. Please ...
Homearama is Coming Soon Do you like to look at new homes? Are you always dreaming of having that perfect custom home built? Maybe you just love to keep up with the latest trends in home building and home decor. Then Homearama 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky is your dream event!  Latest Trends and ...
This is a wonderful SEO post by Jay O'Brien of Re/Max Revolution (isn't that a cool name for a brokerage) in Kansas City, Missouri. I wonder if the _ between the words when naming images is important for some reason? I always just use a regular space. I haven't disabled comments, but I hope if yo...

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