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Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty BLOG for Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside Homes FIRST-TIME BUYERS are our specialty - ---- Get on the right track with us! a All info to help a person choose where to live in the WONDERFUL CITY OF ATLANTA. Lynn - 404.939.2727 -or PLUS - News about wonderful Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta. BUY - SELL - LEASE.- important information for all types of Real Estate Transactions. At times, posts stray to Technology, Atlanta Events, Attractions, Colleges/Universities, Public Schools ---



PLANCAST 21st Century Gathering Technique Par Excellence Part One PLANCAST 21st Century Gathering Technique Par Excellence Part One Worldly Developments just invented a better mousetrap!  The Developers describe themselves as "a software ... team in San Francisco with a passion for designing valu...
THANK YOU CARRA!!!!  Sounds like an amazing PHOTOWALK adventure for you in Williams, Arizona and for our PHOTOWALK on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm in Gulf Shores, Alabama. What fun for everyone all over the world! When you check out the links, you will see all the cities available. Don't se...
Facebook Plays More Tricks Like It or Not You Now Have Facebook Email Facebook Plays More Tricks Like It or Not You Now Have Facebook email Those of you who give me the honor of reading my writing know that I LOVE Google all the time and I LOVE GIZMODO most of the time. Today is no exception - Fa...
What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What about when the real estate professional faces a move? We evolve or we flounder in the face of change. Jill Sackler raises some excellent points to ponder as we face the prospect of moving. Her insights allow us to reflect on ourselves, you'll ...
Gary Woltal brings our deeper thinking to the surface when he writes. This post is no exception! Not only does he remind us about human nature but reminds about the expressions of our souls in PUBLIC ART !!! Appreciating our freedom of choice allows us to enjoy many aspects of our lives and for m...
DANGER ALERT Navy Marines Computer Hacking Risk PASS WARNING ON DANGER ALERTNavy Marines Computer Hacking Risk PASS WARNING ON We all receive these virus warnings. Here is a way to support our Navy and Marine service members We certainly don't want our service members victimized so pass this warn...
MARKET DATA REPORTS Bobbie J. Smith offers a wonderful example! How about a really good set of MARKET DATA REPORTS?Bobbie J. Smith willingly shared her technique - easy as 1-2-3 she says.   Thanks Bobbie! 1. Get the data from your MLS.  If you don't know how to do that, just call the help desk at...
Real Estate Future Predicted InmanNext Webinar Industry predictions are always around us - day after day. Remember when people predicted that Buyer's Agency would never work? Now another pioneer concept,  ACRE®  offers another leap forward to better Client representation. Started by Mollie Wasser...
COMPUTEX HEADLINER NEW LAPTOP TABLET COMBINATION So many new technologies and so little time to try them all out! As real estate professionals, we all are looking for the perfect electronics. We want tools that both will benefit us and will not bite too deeply into our budgets. The latest announc...
Broker Bryant has a way with words. In this post, he is so clear - wait until you read it! We all have worked with these Clients, haven’t we? I am a card-carrying member of the “Take it out/down/off and store it FAR AWAY from your home before we even take the pictures.” school of thought. No long...

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