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Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty BLOG for Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside Homes FIRST-TIME BUYERS are our specialty - ---- Get on the right track with us! a All info to help a person choose where to live in the WONDERFUL CITY OF ATLANTA. Lynn - 404.939.2727 -or PLUS - News about wonderful Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta. BUY - SELL - LEASE.- important information for all types of Real Estate Transactions. At times, posts stray to Technology, Atlanta Events, Attractions, Colleges/Universities, Public Schools ---



Dear Readers - In this post, Beth Atalay  from Cleremont, FL, addresses a very serious problem in our market today. For real estate professionals who strive to do excellent work, seeing Clients disappointed when NO REPLY AT ALL is received for an offer, is not a good situation. Some action is ne...
Dear Readers - Reading posts by Belinda Spillman from Aurora CO is always a treat. Belinda teaches and entertains at the same time in her posts.Belinda reminds everyone - professionals and clients - about proper behavior while a home is on the market. You will enjoy other posts Belinda has writte...
Seller's Market Equals Multiple Offer Situations Equals Hours WastedWhat happens when a large number of people want to buy homes and only a small number of people offer homes for sale? A Seller's Market is born. A Seller's Market Equals Multiple Offer Situations and results in hours of lost time ...
Dear Readers -In this post, Jamey Prezzi illustrates the pricing strategies she uses with Ongjen, her partner, (and husband!) when approaching the Listing Price situation. In some ways, setting a price is a clear-cut analysis of comparables. In other cases, a different approach is required.  Jame...
Dear Readers - In his post, Jeff Dowler CRS from Carlsbad, CA, uses humor to address a very serious problem. For real estate professionals who strive to do excellent work, seeing Listing photos that are second, or even third class, attempts at representation of the property is an embarrassment. ...
Dear Readers -I really learn a lot from Liz and Bill Spear - or is it Bill and Liz Spear? Or BLiz??? No matter how you mention their names, reading their posts will certainly move your knowledge base forward.This post gives us a thorough explanation of the factors needed to succeed when Blogging....
Dear Readers, Charlotte Shirey from Richmond, Virginia, discusses the ethical way to handle Buyer Clients. She carefully explains her view of personal responsibility! Every Client deserves the focus that Charlotte suggests we give to them. One way to suggest is to offer more than one name. Perha...
Atlanta Midtown We Bought Our First Home at Krispy Kreme on Ponce Well, actually, they decided to buy while at the home but ...Jon applied and received his Mortgage approval and, about an hour later, called to make an appointment to see a home. Arielle was free for an early evening appointment as...
Dear Readers - What an interesting perspective Joy Bender from La Jolla, California shares with us. Her ideas are a bit like a thorough Spring Cleaning and changing to a complete new wardrobe all at once!   Joy takes the time to share a step-by-step walk through the changes she proposes. Each of...
Dear Readers -Ed Silva from Waterbury, Connecticut, nails the dilemma down solid in this post.So many factors enter after an offer is submitted. Ed explains the various reasons in a readable and thorough manner. Check out other posts written by Ed Silva - lots to enjoy. Spring Around the Corner, ...

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