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Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty BLOG for Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside Homes FIRST-TIME BUYERS are our specialty - ---- Get on the right track with us! a All info to help a person choose where to live in the WONDERFUL CITY OF ATLANTA. Lynn - 404.939.2727 -or PLUS - News about wonderful Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta. BUY - SELL - LEASE.- important information for all types of Real Estate Transactions. At times, posts stray to Technology, Atlanta Events, Attractions, Colleges/Universities, Public Schools ---



Rittenhouse Square - Welcome Enchanted Music Together Start on 9/12/16Imagine - encouraging a love of music for all children from an early age! Come to the Rittenhouse Square area for Enchanted Music Together starting on Monday, Spetember 12th, 2016.Enchanted Music Together in Philadelphia follow...
Dear Readers -Tim Maitski's post presents a new and powerful photography option for the Listing Agent to use. A virtual 3D Tour really involves the person seeking information, whether an Agent looking for properties to show a Buyer or a Buyer looking at a home.   Tim Maitski is a Blogger I follo...
Danger Will Robinson! Do Not CLICK Documents or Links Before Thinking!I am happy with most of the Clients who contact me over the Internet. Yet I am always hearing that cry "DANGER WILL ROBINSON". I always remember "DO NOT CLICK BEFORE THINKING".The attempted fraud below is not very sophisticated...
Atlanta Buckhead First-Time Buyers - Use Homesnap for Search Success What if you could just take a picture of a home and find out all about it? Well, now you can do just that with Homesnap! Atlanta Buckhead First-Time Buyers may use Homesnap for Search Success. Of course, so could repeat Buyers a...
Dear Readers -Jane and Jeff Daley's explanation of the MYTHS from televison shows that haunt the real estate industry serve a great purpose. I actually did have a person ask me one time to see more than three options ... Jane and Jeff offer other good information in their posts. Check out these p...
Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Event - Sun. August 28, 2016Join the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education EVENT on Sunday, August 28, 2016. Offering their 5th Annual Healthy Living Day, Classes and Activities run from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.  At 5:00 pm, the PERFORMANCE will begin!T...
Enchanted Music Together - Coming to Rittenhouse Square Sign-Up Open! Finally - a Music Together Class right nearby in Rittenhouse Square! To enroll your child or grandchild or other special child -   Need to learn more about Enchanted Music Together in general? One click on link in the previous ...
Dear Readers -Andrea Swiedler 's post tells everything one needs to know about wrong assumptions. The failed deal case history she details here COULD HAVE ENDED SUCCESSFULLY if the people involved had worked with a professional.What wrong assumptions? Hmm - let's start with"I've sold a house befo...
Atlanta Buckhead STARBUCKS RECALL Be Sure to Return This Item Now Perhaps Stainless Steel Beverage Straws seemed like a great Client Appreciation Gift? If so, check out the information below --- STARBUCKS RECALLStainless Steel Beverage Straws- 2.5 million sold! Click image above for Official Anno...
Presidential Election 2016- Here's How You Should Vote- Know the Facts Want to know what to do about voting in the 2016 Presidential Election? Waiting to get advice from someone who really knows the answer? You came to the right place to find out. I'll tell you how to vote in the 2016 Presidentia...

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