community guidelines: January Blog Jumpstart Challenge - 2018 Design For YOU & YOUR Future - 12/29/17 08:16 AM
January Blog Jumpstart Challenge -
  2018 Design For YOU And YOUR Future 

 ***  FULL DETAILS NOW POSTED  January 5th, 2018  *** 
Your participation in the 2018 January Blog Jumpstart is for YOU and YOUR FUTURE. This is not a "contest" against other people - it is a Challenge from you to yourself. Just imagine it as a plain old set of "school" lessons or "assignments" designed to enhance YOUR Blogging skills.
The only competition you face is YOURSELF. Topics vary widely - whatever you choose to write is fine - the results are the benefits to you.
SUGGESTION???? Push yourself to learn something … (10 comments)

community guidelines: Ask An Ambassador - ActiveRain Rules & Guidelines 'Genuine Effort' - 12/15/17 04:03 AM
Dear Readers -
Anna Banana Kruchten from Phoenix AZ as an Ambassador often shares gret information with the ActiveRain Community. This post is no exception. AR is so wonderful because of the Guidelines and Philosophy from the Founders.
Anna Banana Kruchten CRS,CRB clearly presents her thoughts on KNOWING ActiveRain when you are a member. That means knowing what magic formula has helped the Community to stay strong all these years.
Thanks for your continued service to our AR Community, Anna!
Check out some of her other posts:
Strength to Stop a Bully
Simply Listening
Musical Instruments Museum
All … (4 comments)

community guidelines: Ask An Ambassador: ActiveRain Commenting Etiquette - 03/07/17 11:54 AM
Dear Readers -
Liz and Bill Spear from Mason Ohio contribute so much to our ActiveRain community. My personal thanks go to them for this very important post.
ActiveRain provides us a platform to build our businesses and experience success. It is critical for each of us to understand the CULTURE of ActiveRain if our community is to remain strong.
For me - ActiveRain is a BNBR* safe place.
The reason that AR is a safe place for us to grow our businesses is due to the foresight of the Founders who wrote and the early … (9 comments)

community guidelines: Active Rain Community Guidelines - 01/29/17 06:51 PM
Dear Readers -
 .......................                 Today is January 29th,
The ActiveRain 2017 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge is drawing to a close.

 Maria Sapio  - a very talented writer - shares her insights about the ActiveRain Community Guidelines with us.
 Among the many benefits of ActiveRain membership, encountering new members who contribute special posts to the community heads for the front of the line!
All the best - Lynn
PS  If I haven't thanked you personally for reading my Blog, let me do so right now! I really appreciate your stopping by and (perhaps) commenting! L.
I have been a part of the … (3 comments)

community guidelines: The ActiveRain Community Guidelines Offer Structure for AR Members - 01/20/16 04:35 PM
The ActiveRain Community Guidelines
Offer Structure for AR Members
When the ActiveRain founders decided to prepare a full statement of their Weltanschauung or World View, they also outlined behavioral goals and norms for the AR Community - both positive ones to pursue and negative ones to avoid. The goal was to create a CULTURE that would provide the AR Community with peace and prosperity.
Choosing one or two concept for a focus isn't simple. So many good ideas are expressed within the Community Guidelines. In addition, many of the basic ideas presented are actually links for posts written over the years.
Which one … (1 comments)

community guidelines: Good Guidelines - 01/18/16 06:00 AM
Dear Readers -
I wish I could reblog every post submitted to the 2016 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge. Amazing body of work from all the participants.
Dick Greenberg offers his usual calm and common sense approach to the topic of the Community Guidelines. Check out other posts of his --- you will learn so much. He tells about the time his website ran into trouble and how he fixed it. He shares about what Market Reports do for his business. And always with kindness and humor!
Put WELTANSCHAUUNG or COMMUNITY GUIDELINES in the Search Bar and see what amazing work your fellow Bloggers are doing to … (4 comments)

community guidelines: Sneak Peek at the 2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge - the Back Story - 01/01/15 07:34 AM
2015 BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge
Sneak Peek at the Back Story
Perhaps this is your first adventure with the annual BIG Blog Jumpstart.  Perhaps you are one of those intrepid souls who have been here before and want to learn with us again. Either way –
Welcome to the 4th Annual BIG Blog Jumpstart Challenge.
The BIG Blog Jumpstart is a learning platform.  The Challenge requisites present new skills for you to learn. Yes, as always, “new” takes some focus and some time. From then on, YOU own the skill. Your Blogging will be easier for sure.

What … (23 comments)

community guidelines: What Is The ActiveRain Community Really All About? - 01/17/14 10:59 AM
Dear Readers,
Anna "Banana" Kruchten, from Phoenix, shares her views on the ActiveRain Community Guidelines for the benefit of all of us. I know everytime I invite someone to join AR in the future, I will be sending the person a link to this wonderful post.
Please share Anna's words with your friends in AR. She did an amazing job in this post.
Have a happy day -
What Is The ActiveRain Community Really All About?  
Holy smokes where to begin!! ActiveRain is an amazing community of real estate professionals and affiliates that understand how to work well … (3 comments)

community guidelines: Ask an Ambassador-Why is No One Commenting on My Posts? - 01/08/14 01:40 PM
Dear Readers,
Brenda Mullen, from Texas, answers a question folks ask often. Perhaps second only to the question "Why didn't my post get Featured?", people want to know why they are not receiving comments. 
Brenda outlines the variety of responses possible to the question of why one doesn't get comments. In the ActiveRain Community Guidelines, you will find the suggestion to COMMENT ON OTHERS' POSTS to get started.
Community etiquette suggests that if somone comments on your post, you return the favor by commenting on theirs.  Basically, PRIME THE PUMP! Comment on others' posts and you will begin to see them … (5 comments)

community guidelines: ActiveRain Community Guidelines Here's an Example of Why They Exist - 01/04/14 11:07 PM
ActiveRain Community Guidelines
Here's an Example of Why They Exist
Do not advertise yourself or your services in the comment section of another members blog post.
When I first joined ActiveRain, I hardly knew anything at all about Blogging etiquette. I made very big errors and finally got the rhythm. William Johnson in San Diego was one of my early mentors - I was very lucky to have his guidance. (William now occupies position #54 on the Leaderboard of AR. Have you ever checked to see your position? I found it interesting.) I could name many others who were kind … (1 comments)





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